One whole year of Boundless - Thank You to our amazing community!


Hello folks,

Well here we are, one year after launch. How quickly did that go by?

It definitely doesn’t seem like 365 days ago that we hit the button on a little forum post entitled “Boundless Has Officially Launched!”. That was the first time we opened the doors to the wider world, and the first time we saw Boundless’ cross-play in full force as PS4 players joined the fun. Like any game launch, it was a nervous and exciting day for all of us here in Mission Control, and one year on these forums are busier than ever.

Looking back over these forums, it’s quite something to see how far the game has grown - and we couldn’t have done it without the constant feedback and encouragement of The Best Community in Games™. Since launch, which was “technically” Release 198 of Boundless, we’ve been bringing out updates regularly, and have just released a Testing version of Release 230.

More than 30 releases later, It’s easy to forget the time before we had Guilds, or Exoworlds, or Farming. Remember how cool the first sighting of LED Blocks was? Or how Poles and Beams expanded building? That initial Launch Universe of 8 planets is more than 50 strong now, and with Exoplanets popping up regularly, we hope you won’t run out of places to explore any time soon.

We’ve shared snowball battles over the holiday season, decorated our beacons with Hallowe’en goodies, and exchanged gifts during our seasonal events. We loved watching you all chase the Gleambows back in the Spring too - how many citizens still have their Gleam rewards stashed away?

Your hard work and dedication shows in-game too. The Gyosha Mall didn’t build itself. The Portal Networks certainly didn’t spring up overnight, and some of the large-scale builds we can see across the Known Worlds now are incredible. From the dramatic silhouette of Chateau Excelsior, to the skyline of Duskmoor or the psychedelic urban sprawl of Gellis Prime, there are some phenomenal sights to see across the game today. Our vision for what Boundless could be is coming to life block by block, and every single one of you has played a huge part in that.

Of course, there’s a lot of road ahead of us, and we’re hard at work on more features that we think will really change the game for the better. As soon as we have news to share, you’ll be the first to know as always.

So please accept our sincere and heartfelt thanks for your amazing support, from all of us here at Wonderstruck. I can speak for the whole team when I say we couldn’t have done it without you.

Cheers all - here’s to another great year of Boundless!

P.S: To celebrate, we thought we’d share this special anniversary image for your desktops! Enjoy!


It’s been a fun & amazing year! Thank you Boundless & everyone here for the memories and good times :blush:
Looking forward to many more :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:



Happy one year Anniversary everyone! :grin: :smile:


Been a wonderful first year - Boundless is so special, been just such a great experience for me - pretty much my ideal game on a lot of levels, and also special for the friendships I’ve formed, all the incredible people I’ve met. :slight_smile: Can’t wait to see what the future brings!

Happy Birthday and thank you all so much for your work. I’ll always be a very grateful fan. :smiley:

(I’ll throw this in, sorry, bad photo edit but it is the thought that counts, right? :wink: )



:tada: :heart::boundless::heart: :tada:


It’s been an amazing fun year for sure. Can’t wait to see what the game looks like another year from now. So much progress was made in this first year its astounding


Happy Birthday Boundless :slight_smile: here is to another year *CHEERS!


Happy birthday Boundless. Hombo eema!!!


Hey, Thank You to our outstanding development team! Honestly, you folks put up with a lot and just keep working thru it all constantly trying to bring us quality, balance and fun around every corner. Top notch!

I have high hopes for Boundless and it has definitely become a major part of my life over the course of this year. I’ll be here 'til you turn the lights off and tell me to go home (hopefully many, many years from now, if ever.)



Nice work everyone.


Such a great game and community!

Thank you all


Happy 1 year anniversary :smiley: cant believe its already been one year since offical release.


Someone told me there would be cake here. There’s no cake. The cake is a lie?.. :open_mouth:

Happy Birthday, Boundless!! :grin:


first of many!
Thought the game was pretty darn good in ea and it’s only improved…still logging in daily (mostly) and still building, exploring etc.
only another five years and it will beat my most played game, WoW, but still my now 2nd most played having beaten cod4 and guild wars 2 :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow ive been enjoying Boundless for a whole year now :partying_face: heres to many more :beers:


You didn’t see the :birthday: in the picture? :joy::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


This guy is not impressed with the situation one bit.



lol it’d be awesome to see mobs with temporary party hats


Lol we all thought the devs had a birthday surprise in store for us today…guess the surprise is apparently not… we all trolled ourselves haha


Well done everyone.

I wanna thank everyone who i have bumped into ingame and shared a bit of boundless.

Game has changed quite a bit since launch and hopefully it will be changing in the future.

Special thanks to devs who kept on creating some good stuff when we whined about some pants on forums. (No seriously… where are the pants?).

I will keep “boundlessing” … maybe not so hard as i did in launch.

Thanks community for enjoyable and not so enjoyable moments ingame and here at forums.

Happy birthday Boundless.