One whole year of Boundless - Thank You to our amazing community!


In the name of Ancient Oords, my memory is so long so I can’t forget Tawas, Eisa, Lepker and others of first 48. I just remember infinity inventory mode, forum-driven beacons, uniformly coloured shape of foliage, empty worlds without regeneration, resourceless, unhabitat by creatures and playerless too. I remember that so clearly as if it was yesterday. :fist:


Happy Birthday Boundless and thanks to the amazing devs and community!


Happy! (10 Characters)


Birthday! (10 Characters)


Boundless (10 Characters just because)


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New Goal. Build something worthy of making it into an official Boundless image. Way to go everybody!

Big THANK YOU to Wonderstruck for consistant updates and a wonderful game!

To say thank you on my part, I shall continue to keep playing for a long time :wink:



Sorry… May I ask if there will be an anniversary event ?


Happy birthday :boundless:
To all Dev’s … Thanks for the game pleasure this past year.
And many years to come I think :clap: :clap:


Happy birthday! That you may live long and prosper my dear Boundless!

So many fun things, a few ehmm lesser fun things, waaaaaaaay too much time spend on it but most of all I enjoyed the heck out of it! Also helped a ton to not think of real life’s troubles!

And thanks to the devs for doing an amazing job!


I am reading into this and assuming, No…


Happy Birthday Boundless!! :cupcake:

Someone needs to organize a Birthday Bash this weekend!!


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Happy Anniversary!

I enjoyed the last year and hope for many nice years that will come with Boundless. :balloon::heart:


I only ask for one present for all of Boundless repairer’s on this hallowed day : AOE Repair ability on the spanner to work correctly(i just decon’ed 2 spanners sets because it someway found it’s way on to the forge).


Happy 1year, you have come so far keep it up.


Happy Birthday Boundless! Thanks so much to the devs, firstly, and secondly to all the wonderful players for making this an amazing game to love and be a part of!


This screenshot dates from 2014.

This is a work in progress

All these years boundless has given me joy to be creative and be valued in a great community. From coming together in the early days to clean up the mess grievers made.Filling in rivers with leaves (only for taking out the water) to water breaking tools. From 10 sec to break a block to AOE tools to demolish hundreds of blocks in a few seconds. Building old mc style without stairs and ladders in 2014 to 4 types of chisels to make every build unique.

We have asked a lot of this developing team and we will continue asking a lot. Know that we also are grateful of boundless in all its ups and downs.

Happy 1 official year anniversary!