One whole year of Boundless - Thank You to our amazing community!


Long post warning lol…

So I was sitting on the floor with a little laptop I’d just picked up from Office Depot. I wanted something new to do/play while I waited for the realtor to sell my place (decided to finally take a break from work - never had a sick day or a vacation). I started searching through all of my wish list games, twitter ,etc. I came across Boundless again and wondered if the game was going to launch soon. Talk about perfect timing! I decided to buy it …“why not?” I liked the art style & the planets it said I could explore. So I did.

Here we go:

Girl characters…cool…

Sanctum dude said to move along…

Well then…

In awe of everything around me:

Going places too soon:

Finata Ultima portal hub:

Testing out the new signs on the test server:

Thinking about starting up a new place for shops…let’s do it!!..(“I hope people stop by & maybe one or two will create a shop here”)…the beginning of Gyosha Mall:

Spotting some :star_struck: :sunglasses: celebrities (in the Finata Ultima hub) a week after the official launch:

It’s been an awesome year full of new planets, events, & making friends in this virtual world we call Boundless. They are creating something really unique & special here. Can’t wait to see what the future brings :partying_face: :blush: :star2: :balloon::sparkler::sparkles::bouquet::sunflower::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::heart_decoration:


*My First house when the game just release XD

*The place where I live recently XD

Thanks for all devs spend their time to create such beautiful world for us :slight_smile:
Hope more things will adding to the game in future.
Happy 1 year anniversary


Happy birthday Boundless.

Let’s hope we’ll have furniture before the next birthday. :stuck_out_tongue:


I would like to be able to actually sit ON our furniture… Several time i had partaken in sitting circles waiting for hunts etc… It would give me giggles to sit in chairs around tables while waiting, maybe drink a brew and eat a pie before that hunt…


At the beginnings of my Lake build back in august 2018, when you could still see the lake.
Still a unnamed beacon. Took me awhile to come up with an original name…