Oort Art Online

Right you have probably guessed it from the title XD
Looking around the forums i saw that a lot of players are into anime, especially things as SAO and Log horizon. so i thought of one thing that would be amazing

You say that the titans will be hidden in ancient temples and that you have no specific world size yeah?
How about you made a world like SAO, pretty big with the titan hidden, and when we find and kill the insane titan there will be a portal up to another world that has an entirely differnt biome and will look different. and then we have to find the titan in that world to progress up. i think that would be so extremely awesome, because if you make it hard to find people will search for it to be able to progress to the next world and they will have something to do.
This is purely a matter of taste, but from the way the world system works i dont see it as being that hard :smiley:

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but the new players wouldn’t even have a chance to fight a titan when there’s only one per world would they?

this would be a special world for this idea, but when you kill one you go up further, hopefully titans wont just be something you kill without any effort what so ever, they will most likely be instanced but i hope not, because it kinda sucks to use a ton of time and energy to kill a titan and then another team will just go in 1 min after and do the same.

i am the type of person who dont think people should be hand fed everything, not everybody will be the best crafters, not everybody will do pvp, and not every player will be able to fight a titan.

but the most important thing is that there will always be titans to kill. in my head they are raid bosses though

Basicly infinite titans. But that means infinite worlds. Sh*t man that can be hell on earth to make.
Why not have the first party kill the original titan, and then have those players be written down a wall somewhere (as we talked) but then have a “replay” system for new players to be able to kill that titan in another place, like an instanced re-battle. Pokemon ORAS has that system with (SPOILER LIKE A BIG ONE) Groudon/Kyogre, as you can re-battle them once you beat the game, to be able to catch it if you killed it the first time. (END OF SPOILAR)

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there could be a ritual to bring the titan back to live :smiley:


That is… quite awesome actually.

I’m glad I’m not the only one to keep accidentally thinking oort art online whenever I read the title of the game :stuck_out_tongue:

In the treasure hunting topic I mentioned treasure maps found in rare chests. some of them could lead to one of those titans. I think that concept would be really cool :smiley:
your thoughts?

Would players have to find and travel through all the portals to get to the portal with the un-killed titan? And would you have to pickup your things and re-establish your home in a realm closer to the un-fallen titan?

There was a teleportation pad that was connected to each floor, so you could teleport between the floors that way, but you can keep being on lower floors and chill down there if you want, the idea is that bigger guilds or titan slayers would count as frontline fighters and keep ahead, but people would respectively settle on a world and different worlds would be known for different things.

never seen SAO?

…Damnit, now you guys have me going back to re-watch it.

i already did. like 3 or 4 times. i dont understand why people dont like the other seasons, i guess i am just a hopeless romantic in that sense :confused:

also watch log horizon in case you havent already

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I have and im a huge fan.

That also means not everyone can enjoy it either if one guild or a group of guilds always kills the titan first then no one will even have a chance to do so. Therefore titans are not really part of the game for like 80 to 95% of the games population.

I think they should be really hard to do so but also re-spawn or have a way to bring them back.

This is for a ‘‘special’’ world that would work like that.

also not everybody should be able to kill titans, i guess that is the biggest difference in views, i know i might never become good enough to kill a titan or raid but i am okay with it.

also i imagine hardcore teams getting used to wipe the floor around 40 times before they can beat a titan, that is how hard i want them to be, not something that every dude with a wooden sword can go kill.

also the people who will kill it will be the frontline fighters, but point being that when you go to a new world that might be 10 km x 10 km and there is 1 titan hidden somewhere, it would atleast take a months time to find it.

but your still limiting to who can do so like say a few select guilds are already trained. these guilds could be ready for the new worlds and run them regularly so if your not to that level or cant get in those guilds or even on at that time you would never even be able to even attempt it like titans would literally not be part of the game. some players would never even see a titan what so ever

also making a lot of special worlds to out way the guilds that can jump on these and do them as soon as they come up taking them away from others is going to be massive amounts of work for the devs and also some what unrealistic it might be better to just not have titans at that point because other players might would be upset that they never even get a chance to try. so kind of like fails advertising, you can do this but you specially cant.

if we have gliders and mounts and ways to dig faster someone is going to find someway to hunt them down. or at least start hacking to do so.

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remember we will have daily and weekly worlds that would work the same way.

im split, they will most likely go with instanced with is good and horribly bad at the same time

on 1 side, it allows people to experience the fight so ‘‘everybody’’ can try it (yay for unicorns and rainbows) but on the other side, if this is the case and they want to make EVERYBODY be able to do it, they will most likely make it too easy, which kinda removes the point of fighting titans, lets just imagine for a second that they are actually hard, you are your guild just used 15 min and had an intense fight where you finally killed the mighty titan! and what happens when you go out? 1 minute later another team does the exact same thing. and at that point im going to be like ‘‘why would i even bother doing that’’

also using hacking as an argument is really low…

Well if it was difficult it wouldn’t be easy so there would be a standard for how strong the group has to be so everyone would have a chance to beat it or a chance to die trying also different titans that are on different worlds could fight differently and also could be harder.

could have them re-spawn once ever day or to allowing to build the amount of titans there are for less work

people do hack for one I don’t see how that’s low

and for an argument id say more of a peaceful discussion unless your getting upset

apologies, but i rarely see hackers in server side run games, it would be like hacking in wow or gw2, it doesnt happen, because they dont have the files needed to be able to hack. (i would like to believe atleast)

i imagine there will be a ton of dungeons and bossses to kill for the lower players, titans are just something that should be left for the truly hardcore and should actually be rewarded, i would prob try to fight a titan if they were instanced sure, but then you go kill it, and then what? it respawns instantly for another run, it will prob be amazing the first time, but allowing the titan to just respawn it would be the same titan, that means that tactics would quickly go around on the internet and no actual skill or on the fly thinking is needed for the game.

i suggested randomly generated titans with pre made conditions, such as making a whole set of abilites and then giving each titan 5, that way every fight will feel different and actually killing a titan will feel worthwhile instead of it just being ‘‘i have absolutely no reason to do this’’

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well like my last post I mentioned maybe having the re-spawn timer being like 24 hours till re-spawn maybe 2 or 3 days which would allow it to be a little more special and also fair to others and the make it easier to build the amount of titans there are making higher levels move on to bigger and better.

Having them change up should work fine I think its a great idea and would make it more fun/interesting not knowing what your in for.

as for the “Hardcore” if titans have good loot a lot of players are going to want what they have so the “hardcore” will be most of any that benefit from the drops. and sure you could just buy the drops for insane amount of money which more people would just want to run to sell to boost there skills and kill the economy along with the social aspects of the game :disappointed_relieved:

but sadly for the coming up with strategies there’s already a forum asking for help with a wiki so the only way to get around that would to be to make brand new titans all the time which would hurt the ability to develop the rest of the game. or make them so hard that players level, party size, and strategy have little to no effect on it and if you where luck your still talking like maybe a 1 hour long battle if it would even be possible.

I can see how trying to make a game balanced could be hard lol