Oort drop rate adjustment


My suggestion is that the oort drop rates from meteors on T5 and lower planets should be lowered. Not across the board, but scaled accordingly. For example (using rough values, havent recorded any exact data):
-T6 planet meteors drop 12-20 oort (I beleive this a a good rough estimate of current rates)
-T5 planet meteors should drop 8-16
-T4 planet meteors should drop 4-12
**Im assuming level 6 meteors for these values btw

My reasoning for this is the recent spike in hunting on lower tier planets. Although it is probably great for newer players, I think it gets abused by veteran players for easy oort. It would also boost the economy in my opinion, as people will have more reason to purchase gem bows, better forged grapples, brews and pies. Perhaps a drop in forge ingredient prices, as more creature trophies would be gathered from high tier hunting.

I know its not in everyones favor to make gathering oort harder, but with so many speed hunting platform systems popping up I believe a bit more effort should be required.

One last thing, hunting on T7 planets should have a rate increase, possibly for oort and the special gems. Those double debuffs can be quite a pain and making T7 hunting more rewarding could make T7 exos more than just a mining blitz.

I look forward to seeing input on this suggestion.


Personally i’d prefer other options for farming oort, I didn’t realize there were people that wanted to make farming oort harder :sweat_smile: lol


Oort price is already pretty high since the deco blocks came out :confused: Buff the higher tiers, but leave T4 alone pls? :smiley: I think the worse offender is how much easier and more rewarding hunting in a big group is compared to solo. Solo you have to work for that oort, the big hunts are just a “who can tag the monster before it dies”-party.

@Miraskadu 150?? I’m regularly seeing 170+c

edit: Just ran in to this, 165c is considered a donation :smiley:


Oort is the one constant in the stream of variables…

I’d be up for increasing the oort rate for higher tier planets more then anything. There’s a huge difference.

It takes time to set up the hunts, that should be rewarded.


Why are we trying to increase the grind of the game again?

Oort prices are still sitting at round about 150 for rough oort per unit.

And they have been stable for a long time, they actually used to be far cheaper in the past.


Well, i took the conservative estimate. :smiley:


Please don’t make it harder than it already is. I enjoy those little meteor runs while building on those planets.

Anything, everything that is in-game that can be turned in to an advantage for players will be. I hope that does not mean that those who don’t always have to pay the price


I am not usually able to catch a hunt during the times that they happen. Sometimes I end up having to go to a low-tier world by myself and take down meteors to get oort to fill portals. I don’t think we need to Nerf anything at this point.

I am all for raising the drop rates on T7s. I feel like I have to work five times as hard when I solo meteors than when I go with a big group anyways. I am definitely putting in the work. And it wouldn’t make me buy more of anybody’s tools or weapons… it would just make me craft my own or play the game less


I can’t see why we would reduce drop rates. The higher tier hunts already receive better rewards from creature drops and gems.


Current Oort drop rate for t4 planets on a lvl 3-4 meteor is a average of 12 rough. A small hunting party of 4-6 yields roughly 500 rough on a good day. Our guild network requires at least 1 hunt per week. We are a building and mining guild, not hunters. The effort/reward ratio for T4 planets in parties this size is in our opinion optimal. T5+ planets yield greater rewards in gems and trophies.

Reduced yields to average 8 per meteor would be a 30% decrease in rough oort per hour, which would require us to shrink our oort consumption considerably. We cant simply hunt longer or more often, its already a challenge to maintain what we have now. Buying oort for coin is not feasible for us.


In my opinion it would be awesome if the oort drop rate was raised slightly OR the fueling system adjusted so that they fuel for longer. I only have this opinion because of the fact that i help run a system of portals so i know and hunting is a chore and you know what they say about doing chores… Actually i dont know what they say but chores dont = good times. Hunting isnt terrible but when you have to make time for it then it’s annoying :confused:


Increase higher tier and introduce other item drops from meteors. The ichor is a good step, but there can be others overtime that will push people to hunt higher teirs


I am a lv 50+ player and i have slow internet and cant do group hunts so i hunt lv 3 and 4 worlds alone. Not everyone cant hunt on higher worlds. So no lowering the drop rate in my opinion


Instead of lowering anything, just INCREASE the oort drops from higher tier planets.
Like 100 oorts per meteor on a T6.


I think I see what you’re saying, but this is the case for a lot of things. Veteran players try to do things in the most efficient way. What if meteor cooldowns were reduced across the board instead?


instead of that, I would make rng scissors narrower, so I don’t have to cry on the inside every time when the box drops 3 oort stones (in other words: I would make sure that % of oort stones in total meteorite loot is higher than now; a guaranteed minimum of oort stones in the loot box would be nice: could be connected to luck attribute, so at least dedicated looters can take advantage and get something like 4+ from lvl 3 worlds, 6+ from lvl 4, 8+ from lvl 5, 10+ from lvl 6, 12+ from lvl 7 - with maximum number possible same as now; just get rid of extremely low cases)


I solo a lot and I cringe everytime I get less loot from a lvl 3 completed meteor than a dormant lvl 1.


Don’t change it!!! Close the post!!! New content!!! New content!! I’m dying here!!


I think the underlying assumption to the suggestion that making things harder will help the economy has so far proven untrue. What I think is actually happening is that players feel the game gets more grindy and quit playing versus deciding to buy stuff.

Edit: As an example the bomb nerf may have made It harder to mine or forced more players to buy forged tools, but the player count also took a dive. So did it really help anything?


To add to the point of it helping the economy.

Basing this on my play style, I use the group hunts on lvl4 or so to run around for 1 or 2 hours and I come out with about 150 to 200 rough oort (number depends on how long I have time to tag along or how long the hunt is going for, btw thanks for everyone organizing these things much love).

I can then sell those rough oort for about 25 to 30k in coin, this coin now allows me to set up request baskets in my little baker shop in the hubbit main hub (small self plug :wink: ) I keep the shelves filled on semi regular basis cause I play on and off. Plus that money allows me to buy myself one or two AOE hammers on top of filling my request baskets.

If we reduce the drop rate of oort, all that will happen is that I will make less coin from the hunts, which in turn means i can buy less tools and i can’t put more coins into my request baskets. This will only be avoided if the oort price would rise even more, to offset the lower gain rate.

But even if the oort price does rise up it is a zero sum game, cause I won’t have more money to put into the economy, so the economy is the same? I could see the argument to restrict the access to oort if we would have seen the prices of oort plummeting. But they don’t.