Oort drop rate adjustment


Ill leave this right here…Buying Rough oort 165 in Xafrant take any “Builders and Merchants” portal (only 1 of 2 portals on PS hub) basket has half mil in it!


I strongly dislike this suggestion.


Yes! Let’s! Way too many portal networks and people who use deco oort!

I also would like to change some recipes! Double the ingredients necessary to make vital essence and fresh essence, also double the ingredients needed for marble, deco gravel, etc. because I feel people are overusing it. I also feel people are using way too much glass, triple the ingredients for that one! Well pretty much any and all recipes need changing to make the grind much much harder!

It’s good for the economy!!!


In other words: heck no!

Am ok with raising the oort drops on higher tiers tho…


I don’t feel lower tier planet hunters and lower tier players should be hurt by lower drops if you have veteran high level players trying to game the system. Instead my it harder for them to play on lower tier planets while not hurting those of us that are not fully skilled out hunters, etc…


Shameless plug. If you need to make some coin off of selling Oort I buy at 177c. I’m on vacation right now so no access to boundless but I had put 250k coin in the basket. Store #86 in the gyosha mall. Corruption Outlet. Also have a portal from Ultima eresho in the shop portal area.


BUT YOU MUST BUY AT 165! not 177 I sent you the memo! lol


Good idea to make the grind more and force People to Play Content.
I could care less for the economy or if anyone abuses anything. It is About time Management. Miss one hunt, Portal Closes in some instances.
Making it harder to be a community would be another nail to the corffin.
Instead make it easy to travel and fuel Portals imo.

Sorry, bad ideas/threads are bad.


I got the memo after I went in vacation :sweat_smile: can’t change my price now


Have fun on your Vaca !


I do want to say that I appreciate that the Original Poster posted their opinions and feels good doing that.

It doesn’t sound like many people are in agreement of it though.

Everyone’s entitled to their opinions, let’s keep everything constructive everyone :).

Wooo boy that, make anything more grindy in this game and everyone starts to sharpen their pitchforks. Can’t blame them too much though…


The concise edition of the OP: Let’s make the game a little less enjoyable for the majority because they don’t play the game the way I like to play it.


I hear everyones point of view, but what many people are misunderstanding is that it would not make the grind harder. It would drive more people to T6 hunts, bigger groups would make them just as easy and fun as say T4s, the more people gathering the trophies and larger oort drops (also the gems drops, but they are basically useless), the more items of value people will have to sell or forge with.


The issue is that this would impact solo players. And while I can solo T6 lvl 1 and 2 meteors they are simply not worth the return most days.


But hunting should be a group activity, I only see it promoting a closer community. Solo hunting is fun, but shouldn’t be profitable in my opinion.


I know that I could join hunts but I would have to structure my play time around that activity. The reason I like Boundless is that I don’t have to manage my time around big events. I can run out and take down enough meteors to keep my portals open or craft blocks for my build when I want to.


I agree that hunting as a group should be more profitable. However, I disagree that hunting solo should be less profitable than it is now.


Thats fair, I guess not everyone can take part in the community events. Perhaps an increase in higher tier drops would be the better solution.


I think there is different people in this game… meaning some like to mine… some build and some wants to hunt.
This is the big factor here. Its boundless you can be anything…
Personally i am not a hunter
… i like to build,but this doesnt mean i dont read this suggestion.
This game has changed a lot since a started playing it and its going the grindy path.
We who are not hunters want that sweet oort too and that is why there is lower tier planets where we can go have some fun of our own.
Oort is valuable i get it. It fuels portals but if you wanna go this route you are suggesting then shouldnt be fair that players who specialize to hunting and can hunt on higher tiers and get more oort have to pay more from the portals ? Yeap thats what i thought too.

Cause if you go this route you seriously are putting a line between “rich and poor” rich people can build big portal networks and poor people barely can keep 1 of their own up. You think that is fun? People are leaving in that point. They get punished cause they wanna do something else than hunting.

-too much coffee-


They need to bring back normal monster hunting that we had in EA with drops there instead of requiring us to use meteors. That change in game play was one of the worst decisions. We should have had both options, not just meteors.


You’re assumption doesn’t seem to account for predominantly independent players who solo meteors, not always through choice, so the suggestion to punish them because you feel veteran players are gaming the system seems somewhat unfair … and who says hunting should be a group activity? yes it’s an mmo but that doesn’t mean doing everything in groups needs to be a prerequisite to any activity.