Oort drop rate adjustment


It is quite literally one of the few in game mechanics you enjoy with others in the community. Are you forging/crafting/mining/buying or selling with others? I see a large amount of solo activities. Building/hunting/exploring seem to be the few actual community aspects of this game.


I would go on group hunts if I could because I know how profitable they are in comparison to someone soloing a meteor but for me personally it’s not really a viable choice due to work and family commitments which will always have to come first before any game. My playtime is generally pretty erratic so it’s never practical for me to join in organised group activities which are at specific times so for me soloing meteors is my only choice, as it stands I keep one 2x2 portal running, personally I’d like a couple more, so your suggestion would mean I’d have to either have to solo even more meteors, which is by no means my favourite activity, or just run my portal sporadically. Either option is not particularly palatable.


Purchasing is always an option for those who don’t enjoy hunting.


If they have the coin to spare …


Average Rough Oort per meteor:

Tiers Sizes
Dormant 1 2 3 4 5 6
3 1.55 5.77 7.21 8.65 10.1 11.54 12.98
4 1.44 7.18 8.61 10.05 11.49 12.92 14.36
5 1.4 8.4 9.79 11.19 12.59 13.99 15.39
6 1.39 9.71 11.1 12.48 13.87 15.26 16.64
7 1.21 9.68 10.89 12.09 13.3 14.51 15.72

Tier 7 has less Oort on average because of the Meteorite Ichor addition to the drop table (which is weight based). I’m not guaranteeing that this is accurate since there are a few things I haven’t figured out yet, but it seems about right.

The loot increase for both tiers and sizes is surprisingly linear, which seems to be accurate because I’ve often noticed that smaller groups that crush size 3 and 4 still make a decent amount compared to larger groups in the same timespan.


But why change anything to make it more difficult for some players? I don’t see the reasoning. If we had a million players online a day then I would be willing to entertain such ideas but since we don’t I’m always going to be against any change that will make things more difficult for a group of players since they might just quit over it and we really don’t want to loose more players as it is.

Besides, why not just go with making higher tiers more profitable so high level players won’t even want to do low level ones, solves your main issue I believe and makes sure all other players still can get the same amount of oort as they always have…


Well said. Agreed


If you read up you will see I agreed with this suggestion earlier.


Right there


Yes you did, but you then went on saying things that I do not agree with so I replied saying I would not like that…


All I said is that you can purchase oort if you don’t like hunting. Theres nothing to agree or disagree with, its just something you can do in the game.


Ok, well excuse me for giving my opinion then, clearly it was not wanted.

And since you also got a good solution to ‘your problem’ this thread can now be closed!


I do appreciate this opinion, I am simply pointing out that this response about change was in response to purchasing oort instead of hunting. This is not change, it is the norm in the game.

Also this is not a “problem” of mine, just a suggestion I had. And I would prefer the thread stay open so I can read input from others.