Oort footfall

I think that there should be some sort of oort footfall to help fuel portals. Like every time someone goes through a portal they drop a bit of fuel in. But there would have to be some sort of cooldown or limit so people can’t exploit it.


And for the love of every thing oortian, add a counter devs!!! I wanna know which portals get used and which aren’t!


Maybe the limit could be something like, every week, a portal can gain at most 1 day of fuel? Or whatever would feel “balanced” for the devs, anyway.

That might be a good enough restriction that could alleviate fueling stress for some people. Would make more difference on bigger portals than on smaller portals if there was no relative scaling though. :thinking:


It would be really cool if the objective crates started giving regular items and one just gave some oort for having a certain number of people use your portals each day/week. I assume there would be issues with people having full inventories when getting the rewards and such though. :thinking:


Like “oort reserves”.

Need regular oort to fuel and open portals but when used by others it adds a “+1 oort shard in reserves” adding up to 1 SS of “reserves” but when the “reserves” are empty the oort fuel gets used.

So if a portal eats 3 oort shards per hour and someone uses it it adds 1 to reserves. Next time the portal eats it takes 1 from reserves and 2 from the oort shards.
When 3 new people use the portal it has 3 in reserve and uses 3 from reserve next time it eats.

It doesn’t have to be a SS for reserves can also be just 100 (to avoid making oort obsolete). But this way the bigger portals get more support and the existing portal hubs (Universal an planetary) to.

Or something more in line with a counter (can be daily) every second traveler adds 1 in reserve. (2,4,6,8,10,12).

“reserves” should have a requirement like “there needs to be atleast X oort to fuel the portal for 5 hours if not it won’t generate any reserves”.
Add to that if you have full (or any) “reserves” you can’t take it out and lose it when your portal closes.

(Reserves are ment to add time not replace fuel)


They could use the same algorithm as for footfall…


Yes! Let us place 2 wide portals in two different beacons to maximize oortfall! :slight_smile:

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This would just get abused… like footfall is.



That’s why I said there would have to be some sort of cooldown or limit, I’m pretty sure the devs could balance it in a way that it doesn’t get abused and is still beneficial.

“Portal Fall”, would just get abused like foot fall. we would get portals that people would make alts to run though just to generate oort.

a cool down timer on it would have to be really long to prevent abuse, like right now foot fall resets every 24hrs, this would have to be like ever 7 days.

Either way if they do that it’s still time out of their day, with which they could be doing something else more beneficial such as using the portal as normal to gather actual oort, or to get to another farm spot or to go build something. The limit could also be account-wide.

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May i ask how many portals you have running?

Im curious whats the back story behind this suggestion?

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Yeah probably… I’m down to keep brainstorming but it would have to be a pretty unexploitable system :thinking:

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Would being able to put more fuel in a portal (or maybe change the oort amalgam recipe to cheaper) bypass this issue?

Footfall as it is, is pretty much the same as ‘Oortfall’ but instead of money to spend on whatever you like, you just get the Oort straight away - so the benefit to this would be not having to purchase the Oort and refuel.

Edit: Ahh I see what you’re saying, Oortfall would be for portals and footfall would stay for beacons. Hard to think of a way this wouldn’t be heavily abused - but I’m open to being wrong ofc

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I don’t have any portals running but I use them a lot, and I just want to help alleviate some of the stress on portal owners, portal maintenance.

Thats the thing man.
You see no one said x and x you are portal hub owners… they chose to do that.
Portal hubs are just quality of life things.
Like comparing Mall to a little kiosk.

Do we all like portal hubs -> Yes.

Do we actually need them -> No… not really…

But they are so handy!?.. yeap still No

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Well whether oort fall becomes a thing or not, I guess all I can do is sell my oort to the portal providers I use on a daily basis. I could donate but oort sales are my main income.

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OMG that would be my new favorite metric


Portal hubs are a lot of work, and they’re handy. And not particularly profitable compared to some other activities. But I think the difficulty in maintenance is probably appropriate. Plus having to buy oort still gives somebody else a chance to sell it. And Buugi is right. Travel without them is quite a lot less convenient and can be much more expensive but Totally possible. Your sentiment is nice though. I’d bet hub folk would be happy just to hear that you appreciate whatever networks you’re using. …and my advice is to sell your oort rather than donate. Hubs still provide ff. And it takes plenty of effort to hunt up a lot of oort :grin:


ill tought ort is mineable one day… isnt it planed?
did i misunderstood something… ill hope things gone better then…but if not, we need your ort footfall idea shure xd