Oort Hunters (H.U.N.T) New Guild

We would like to introduce ourselves as a new guild for Hunters. Our Hunt leaders include:

We love leading hunts and have been doing so for many years. Our style of hunting is primarily Grapple & Run, although you may see a platform hunt from time to time.

We pride ourselves on quick, efficient hunts that maximize Oort and loot. We run several hunt planets that are designed for hunting with flat, easy terrain for ease of movement.

Oort Hunters will be providing free buffs for hunters, which are:

  • Grapple & Run
  • Brew Extension
  • Augment Durability.

We welcome all players, but our guild will be focused on H.U.N.T activities and not much else.
If you’re interested in joining you can find the guild book on Amplified. It’s located in the back room when you enter the hub. Portal is located at:

  • Dragon’s Hub on the Sovereign Wall
  • RTG Hub on Arie on the upper level in the NW corner
  • Pharao’s Network on Finata, in the center of the hub.
  • Fortune World Hub on Lamblis, East wall of the hub.

You can also find us on Discord at:


Look Forward to seeing everyone on the Hunts


Yeah it should be fun.
I’m bringing my signature hunt chaos. Brace yourselves :rofl:

Just a little update Buffs will be activated this Saturday or Sunday. I’ll post a reminder nearer the weekend.

looks interesting but few questions if i may…

  1. planning hunt days? time? timezone base?

  2. do i need to be a guild member to attend hunts? do your guild must be main to attend hunts?

just curious :slight_smile:

That’s ok all valid questions.

We don’t have a set schedule right now as we are just getting setup. Need to rework the hub. But we currently hunt most days. Out the 4 of us Del has a regular schedule.

Myself, Turri & Emerald will be covering hunts in the evening CET timezone. Dels hunts are Tuesday to Saturday 9.30pm EST.
There will be a separate post for hunts and that will be sorted soon. It’s something we want to get up asap.

No you don’t need to be part of the guild to join any of our hunts. Everyone is welcome to come to them.
In the future, on occasions, we might do private hunts. Again you won’t need to be part of the guild to join these either. If you’re part of the discord you’ll be welcome to join them. But private hunts will be rare.


thanks for answer :smiley:
it surely covered whole curiosity without killing the cat :wink:


:laughing: You’re most welcome :grin:
Always happy to help so feel free to ask away.

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Everyone who would like Hunter buffs, Grapple & Run, Brew Extension, and Augment durability sign into the guild book behind the shops on the Amplified hub before Sat Night.


Just to update that the guild is still here. I’ve taken it over with some assistance from Emerald and Chicula. With Turrican leaving the game he’s left it in the safe hands with us and when/if he returns he’ll always have a place. Even though Turrican owned the guild we all helped eachother run it and we’ll continue to do so.
I’m still out with a hand injury but I still jump on to fuel portals, earn endeavour for the guild and activate the buffs. I should be back on fully in a few weeks.

So if you are interested in joining you are welcome to do so. Details at the top of the page.
Playerbase has dropped significantly but we’ll keep the guild running as long as we can. Any changes I’ll update here.


hope the hand injury heals well and soon

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Many thanks I hope so too. It’s really frustrating. I’m not the best at behaving and resting lol. Slowly getting there.

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