Oort Online Race Suggestions

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I want a feline race.

i want to play as a cat girl.

nothing beats catgirls…


I love it!
Would be really cool if his little beard was a bit longer, and his brows more wrinkled. Could make him look like an old man which would be awesome! I wish I was as good at drawing as you!

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thank you :slight_smile:

A player race suggestion: the Blob!
It will be similar to the current pre-alpha characters, just that it will be a one big 222 cube and it will look a bit squishier.
Blobs come in various colors. when they walk it will have a “crawling” animation rather than walking…

Blobs do not take fall damage, and when they fall from high places they just bounch back up, though they lose a bit of momentum with each consecutive bounce.

Optional: Blobs can still go through 1 block wide corridors and gaps by squishing themselves into those gaps… that might be overpowered in combination with their “no fall damage” ability tho

Here are some in-game Blobs stacking up over each other:

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More Blob concept art:


So the current character model should be a race? Agreed

real character models have 90 degree angles xD

Owls are a must >:(
draws furiously


did you seriously draw that? @ben @james look at this o.o

Mhmm, I just took some of the monochrome colors from their concepts is all :open_mouth:

Well done. it looks awesome :smiley:

can you draw a feline/cat race wearing a monk robe and standing in a martial arts stance?

i really want to play as a martial arts cat in this game xD

Ps: gj drawing a batman owl xD

sure, when I have time tomorrow in the afternoon I might be able to.

awesome XD

you are really good at drawing though, it looks like official suggestions.

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@Nyuudles you are incredible. WOW

i’d luv to see those in oort, just the way as they appear in style, and degree of abstraction. beautiful. cell-shading could do the trick.

Lizards are a must too! >:(
sculpts furiously

Sorry i’m bored ._.


I’m not really good at poses :frowning: but it’s a start
Hope you like! (and hope the devs would consider too… I kinda liked your idea)


These illustrations are Beautiful! I’d love to see more concepts by you, your drawings are wonderful, the style is spot on I’d say.
Do you think you could do a canine based one? (Hyena maybe?)


I’ll see if I have spare time… Any specifics though? Like what class or gatherer would you see that race as?


Oh gosh, I’m not quite sure actually. I can kind of see them as hunters or trappers of some sort. Like bow and arrow type thing but I don’t want to tell you what to draw ^_^"
If you do want to draw it you should have fun with it.