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@ctrl-64 that storage room gets me every time! I pay you pre wipe, you recreate in my house post wipe, deal?


it’s mint isn’t it? (the storage built by @ctrl-64) :sunglasses:


Yeah it’s crazy. I had a private tour way back. I was equally impressed seeing it again now :slight_smile:

Btw pro tip. You should pm Morgan Freeman and have him read the subtitles!


thx guys! heh, yeah it was a little excessive. Adequate storage for a guild though, which is kinda what I had in mind after I had the idea of merging the Dragonstone style with Cuttletrunks and of course my discovery of the formation of the Cuttlepunks :stuck_out_tongue:


The last part of Centraforge Tutorial. Using imperfect compounds, risking defects and minimizing the risk by using some protective ingredients.


Nice tutorials.

I started to play with the forge after i see your tutorials.
In the beginning i was complete confused, but now it start to become fun. :slight_smile:

Only 1 question, what are quirks?
Are they bad to, if so why have 2 different defects?


Quirks are more like limitations of boons, instead of penalties to stats.
Think about them as TRIGGERS that have to happen for boons to work. For example - one of the quirks require your character to have full health in order for boons to work. If you lose health the boons stop working and your tool has basic stats. You heal up to max health and boons work again.


Ok, thanks.
It would be nice to have all boon, quirk and defect in the knowledge.


Indeed - very useful to be able to quickly check whats possible and also what types they all belong to, as it affects using the ingredients that focus on certain types of traits.


long time no post :flushed:

first video post 1.o (however it’s based on material recorded in EA)

I decided to show off chiseling - something that has been reported as easy to miss by potential new players when they check Boundless and what it has to offer:

Chisel information and tips

Ah man that 6 minutes felt like a small vacation! Love the soundtrack, cool vid!


My take on the latest release: 199 highlights (subjective choice of features and changes introduced in game today).


I actually made more videos, just didn’t post it here. Almost forgot about this topic lol.
Here is an update of sorts:


Another updating post, with 3 videos not listed in this topic:


Adding some missing videos to the library here: