Oort Waves

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Persisting foods! That one was tough. To test how much longer tools can last, I decided to test wood axes. Even though they are not very durable, it took me nearly full hour to go through all talking, eating and axe swinging. Then editing - I haven’t spent that much time on any previous videos.

Well, here’s the final product.
Get to know all the facts! Especially the soon-to-be-famous Prome3us Equation. :wink:


Last but not least: criticaling and shielding foods tested and all stats etc. showed in this video:

Elemental shielding foods are just a variant of normal shielding - I don’t think I will be testing them and making a video. Basically same as shielding, just giving you elemental defence is all. If I craft some and eat them and see my avatar gets a nice shimmering coat of glittering skin, than I might for fun show that. :joy:


New video on elemental aspect of the game.

This video offers you a chance to enter a competition with gem slingbows as a prize.
Details here:


get to know the winners of the competition


I recorded my first experience with the Forge. Edited it to spare you all the game crashing and connection problems and makes the narration smoother.


So, the competition in this video:

… has been concluded and prizes found its owners. Watch this to see who gets what:


Just finished the newest video on the new worlds.
Entire new world series here - show off of the new worlds I visited during the big hunt and then 3 parts showing 9 more worlds I visited in the last 2 days. If you saw the previous ones just go to the last one.


Into the new worlds, 5:30… thank you devs and I’m buying a location marker from you as soon as they come to live server!!!


meet me and Ill get you some locations. or meet Okkelinor and he I think has warp augments.


The fourth episode of New Worlds series is ready - 3 more worlds with music in form of the ever present Track01. :wink: .