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Looks like update 187 is going to live right after the weekend.
Here’s another tutorial for you - explaining energy and hunger system (roughly) and showing you what kind of raw food you can eat in the wild in case you run out of your cooked goodies.

I practiced live narration as I played rather than recording narration after recording video, so the video is less condensed than the last one, and it shows some of the genuine game play moments. It’s a learning curve for me here. :blush:


The pilot (:joy:) of the new series - Hunter’s Tales.
In the first episode I share ideas on how to have fun while hunting stock, how to use terrain against them and also how to save your slingbows durability (but not your time).


Want to know how much power you need for all machines? Check this out and figure out the most efficient power coil set up, that won’t break your bank and still let you craft everything.


Continuing from this:

A video on how all the wild edible stuff translates to crafting multi-ingredient foods. I was trying to make the long and overwhelming list of food recipes look simple and easy to get. Take a look at main types of crafted food (based on its origins) and three tiers of them (based on their crafting cost and strength of their effect).


The second part of the yesterday’s video: systemizing special effect foods.


And something I had almost ready a while ago. Finally got it done now.
Hunting herds of wildstock using simple ideas.


Continuing food subject. This time I am testing 9 basic mixer-crafted foods (3 starberry, 3 earthyam and 3 meat recipes) - how much Energy they give and how long Well Fed status can last? Check this out.


And teaching foods testing! Check how much they can give you and if the feats get the bonuses as well!


Nice work :slight_smile:
It got a bit clearer.

I start to fill my foodstock up,

Maybe i missed it, but i cant find the food done directly in the furnace, like soup and stews.


yeah, haven’t covered the furnace food; just the more sophisticated mixer ones

planning on doing that - have just cooked a few of them, planning to do testing and videos over weekend with @Prome3us


Hunter’s Tales new episode - I reset my character and simulated being level 20 ish (used 152 skill points).
All that to be able to show lower level hunters how to tackle meteorites while playing solo. A few tips and tricks there, hopefully will be useful for someone.
Other than that nice Septerfon views. :grin:


that intro music amazing :smile:
hey @boundmore if you need more stuff to test i can let you on my big workshop beacon to use the stuff for videos in test server there will also be some buckets to play with :smile: just let me know


Testing foods again. Furnace cooking this time.

Next in queue is all the buff food. Next few days I should have them covered.


My YouTube channel dedicated to Boundless is now called Oort Waves.
@james and/or other devs, please let me know if there might be a legal problem with that name.


No issue.



testing all the invigorating foods here; check all the numbers and learn what they do to you


New Stuff series continues. And it’s the 10th episode. :sunglasses::tada:

We are talking floating foods - jump higher and fall with less pain :hatched_chick:


I was wrong about the falling speed reduction by the way, ive no idea what falling reduction does. I think it is just more damage mitigation @Jiivita

WIP: Index of :grapes: Food & :wine_glass: Brew Buffs

Energising foods tested and documented!


The buff here should be put on before the energy from the food is added.