Oort Waves

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Managed to create a few already. Full amateur mode.

Here’s my latest - one minute of meteorites flying and hitting.

WIP: Index of :grapes: Food & :wine_glass: Brew Buffs
INFO INFORMATION (add info/dont chat/be smart check date )
Update 193 Video and Competition - Power Coils As Prizes!
WIP: Index of :grapes: Food & :wine_glass: Brew Buffs
WIP: Index of :grapes: Food & :wine_glass: Brew Buffs

And my older piece of “art” that you could call The Best Of Community Meteorite Hunting. I posted it in community hunting topic before, but now it can have its own place.


Chisel Town building event stream.


the stream doesn’t seem to be working for me


Just look for it manually on YouTube maybe.


no luck i searched under chisel town, boundless event, and boundmore. does the stream have a title?


It’s Boundless: Founding Chisel Town. Not sure if youtube search gives back live stream though. I pmed you with some ideas.


It works now from the post above.
Repeating here


Rome wasn’t built in a day, but Chisel Town was. Sort of.
Here fast tracked to roughly 100 seconds.


Made for fun.
Did you know smaller Wildstock could drop of exhaustion?


New update looks pretty!!
Unfortunately I only played some 90 minutes before testing server crashed on me and I didn’t manage to get it running. I decided to use what I recorded and create a video presenting some of the new drops one can encounter in 187.
So, all of you who don’t play testing, here is a slice of what’s to come.


Eew wildstock eye, extra squishy. Cool looking but so sad.


I imagined those in a soup.


check out the new visuals - weather effects, particle system and light, as seen on Vulpto:


awesome vid super pro i love it :smile:
im happy you did not die from eating that berry hahah


Love the little jellyfish :slight_smile:


Yeah. I was amazed when I saw them first time when mining.


My first video with voice recorded - after checking I can see I will have to work on my hardware and my diction :blush:

Anyways, take a look if you haven’t played testing and want to know something about new beacon fuels!


And right after that a short video showing weather and particle effects in 187. Some of them new, some old but redone and with new look. It’s an update of the previous video that only showed Vulpto atmosphere. Here I recorded all 3 worlds available in testing.
No narration here, just picture and relaxing music.


awesome perfect to watch when i need to keep the noice down
and i dont have freetime for test :slight_smile:thanks boundmore you are a legend :slight_smile: