In case you missed the Eclipse today. Here is the view from Palckn…


This just got pushed up on my top 3 most awesome game events.

Is it still there?

The Gif-o-rama version. Told you it was real…


Nah, sorry the eclipse was 9:35 GMT :wink:

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No problem :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

i talked about this in a post about making certain events, how much of stuff like this can you do?


Wait a sec… I missed the Sun Eclipse?! WHAT THE ■■■■?! WHEN DID IT HAPPEN?!

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well here in austria it was around 10:46 :smiley: it was awesome

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Well this one I did for a bit of fun, but I agree special events like cosmic alignment and such would be cool to do. Not sure if an when we would be able to work on this, but keep posting your ideas in the suggestions.

  • Aurora Borealis, these would be wonderful to see.

  • Shooting stars every know and then? Even better would be the occasional meteor shower.

  • The brief flash of a distant pulsar.

  • Perhaps most intensive: Have a star explode into a nova in the sky. (Seeing the full majestic-ness of a supernova would mean that planet would be consumed, so perhaps not that large of an explosion haha)


Is this planning on staying?

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Great ideas!! That would be so awesome.

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