Oortstone price poll

Hi everyone,

Ive been thinking lately and i need to confirm my thoughs via a poll.

Please tell me whats the fair price for YOU to sell Oortstones?

  • less then 149c/each
  • 150-175c/each
  • 176-200c/each
  • 201-225c/each
  • 226-250c/each
  • More then 251c/each

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Please pick the price that you think is fair and honest. This will help a lot of people later on to adjust the pricing.

Thanks in advance!


This is just a snapshot in time of course. 3 months from now we may see something totally different. Might be wise to do these once a month just to have an extra indicator besides seeing baskets change, though you are limited to just those who visit the forums.

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How about a option in the poll that says “Not willing to sell my oort for any price” be interesting to see how many people just refuse to sell theirs. Even 500+c/each I wouldnt sell mine personally.


i know that prices are changing, but i wanted to know what people think about oortstone price. My aim is to calculate when it will be impossible to sustain my network. I did the network for the community from day 1, and usually the network was self sufficient coin wise ( we only buy oortstones) cause we are mainly builders. Our network as every other is of course free of charge so people can use it anytime- that was the idea from the start of course. but it wont last forever if things will go the way they are going now. oortstone prices are rising networks starts a price war, which is very bad thing for everyone. At the end i wont be able to maintain it and ill simply close it if this will force me to go hunt or use my own funds in large amounts (cause im already adding funds for oortstones the network needs from my own wallet) I prefer to build in this game and ill focus on this. Well im just curious what will be results from the poll.


Let me ask you one thing. You using any of the portal networks? Like Ultima, Portal Seekers, Hubbit Net or any others?

I mainly use Kindred Bay Network. I usually do not go to low level planets. If I do I will usually just donate some if I do need to use another guilds network. Then again we have several portal to spots our community frequently go to.


yea the bigger problem is just that hunting isn’t ‘fun’. It’s just another grind. That might be why we’ve seen a lot of combat posts lately. If people quit hunting as much for any reason, network hubs are going to feel that pain first and hardest. I know that’s what you guys have enjoyed doing, managing and building but as a result you are reliant on a commodity that can go in to flux very easily.

Most portals I use are small portal networks. I avoid big hubs like the ones you guys have because my PS4 and PC lock up for a bit due to all the shinies.


What concerns me the most is the fact that if hunts will be less common and supply of the stones and shards will be lower and lower at some point all networks will shut down and THIS will be a killing blow for the game im afraid. This might be the last nail to the coffin…


Well how many big networks are there? Maybe the oort supply at this low level maintains 1 big network but not 5-6 big networks? I don’t know how many there are. If I do venture out, it seems like a lot of them always go to the same place so maybe redundancy is an issue?

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Well you never separated Gyosha into separate beacons so you get more footfall. That is why it was built spread out the way it is. I mentioned cleaning out underneath and putting your beacons down there. Could get you some coin to help cover the cost. Look at TNTs hub. I heard they get 200k a day in footfall.

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Have all owners of hubs seen a decrease in oort? I sell all the oort I gather

For me the only way I would really sell my oortstone is if I could use the coin to buy lucent gems at 1:1 ratios. With oortstone prices rising and lucent gem prices slowly falling this may be possible in the near future (but not really now)

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It is unfortunate that it seems like less people go on hunts. Though they are held daily by several guilds I believe. Maybe how some people employ mining contracts. Guilds could employ hunters, they get to keep all drops but hand over the Oort. 200+ Oort per hunt and person that puts out the contract provided a few revive brews, loot stick,and a bow. Be about a 11k-12k investment and 200 oort at 180c each is 36k coin. Could that work?

One more thing. I didnt want to write this, but I think i have to. Im slightly tired of this struggle everyday in Boundless. Everything is occupied with lots of time investment. Basicly everything is time consuming, and for me, as a builder role focused player this is a big disadvantage. I dont mind grind, but the grind that becomes tiring and fells like a duty to keep things going, thats too much. Ive been doing all i could but every day im playing less and less cause of the time i need to invest to do anything. Playerbase is low, everything is starting to be a duty not a fun anymore. Maybe i just played too many hours, or maybe im just on a runt dunno, but the game doesnt feel the same to me as it was some days ago. It became a duty not fun for me. :frowning:


An oortstone shortage is very telling.

  1. Is it because less people are hunting?
  2. Is it because less people are selling oort?
  3. Is it because people want more coin for their oort?
  4. Is it because there are too many networks/self-sufficiency?
  5. Is it because the majority of players don’t have enough coin, even with the chrysominter?
  6. Is the playerbase steady, growing, or dropping?

Like you, I buy my Oort because I don’t have time to hunt everyday, and the amount I get from hunting is only a small fraction of what I use each week.

I’ve been paying 185c per, but I’ve noticed lately the sell prices have been going up. I spend about 500k on oort per week and my guild covers about 100k worth. The rest is out of my pocket. Also, like you I have to consider how long I can keep it all going. TBH sometimes I just want to move my base to the middle of nowhere and hide from the responsibilities… lol.

It’s too bad really that trolling and people not playing nice have caused a certain hunt leader to not want to play any more. The daily hunts were not only a lot of fun, but the Oort they generated was food for the community as a whole.

There are also so many planetary hubs… more than the game population really needs, IMO.

I would really love to see the population in this game grow…


The key in that situation is to keep finding new things to build.

When I was younger I used to play Minecraft, and the only way I managed to keep wanting to play on my singleplayer world was to keep finding things to build - once this motivation runs out, other things, such as crafting or hunting, ultimately become boring too.

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It’s natural to have burnout for ANY game you enjoy. You’ve played pretty hard for how long now? When’s the last time you did that with any other hobby? Taking a break might be well needed. Surely the hubs can be run by others if you took a break from playing?

Ratchet i know each netweork operates in different way. So ill answer based on Ultima politics. We fund portals from footfall we get. if network wont be generating enough footfall we wont be able to buy oortstones to maintain portals. And as you know we dont have a lot of players in the game so footfall is falling down every week. At some point cost will be higher then footfall worrth. That will be the time ultima will be closed. We did that for players but if we dont have enough players to maintain the cost then that means the end for our network. And the option you proposed is out of question, cause the cost would be several times higher then the footfall income. Sadly :frowning:

I feel you. I think there should be more easy/fun/mindless things to do instead of everything being dragged out into a time-consuming chore. I think everyone expects some end-game stuff to be costly or time-consuming, but not every. little. thing.

Hopefully you have another game or activity you can do off and on so that you don’t burn out. I’ve noticed a lot of major gamers burning out lately on their fav games. I’ve been there too.