Oortstone price poll

Thats the exactly same thing imn feeling. Just to close everything so i can again take fun from the game. But i keep pushing cause i know Ultima Network have some funs that use it frequently and i want to maintain it for them. Cause they were loyal to our Network so i want to be loyal to them as well.

You forgot one. Is there less people playing boundless as well.

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  1. yes
  2. yes
    5.dunno, maybe?
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If the game is getting boring. Go over to Reapers and do the Reapers Trials with some friends and have a good laugh.


i did @georgegroeg XD i had a blast :wink:


It’s important to separate hubs from networks I think, as lots of people own hubs with either local or specific targets but there are only a couple of what i would call “all planets networks” and the number is decreasing.

I run a hub that interconnects several networks and in the last week, one of them has been destroyed and one of them has merged with someone running a “t6+ network” because they can’t maintain oort supply.

Also noted more and more that instead of people chasing networks as they seemed to do at the beginning, networks have moved to follow people. On raxxa ultima and hubbit hubs are within about 250m and on merika hubbit/ps/ultima all in the same city within a couple hundred meters, etc …

IDK honestly sounds like a return to the developers’ original vision. Though some people stubbornly refuse to admit or understand it they’ve provided unlimited coin as well and now we’re going to have tools for finding other people’s shops and request baskets.

There might be some turnover but in the end, it could be a healthier situation altogether.

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I feel like people used to rely on the networks more - it felt like more of a community thing. Now it seems like every small town has their own network and everyone is consuming a ton of oort. The demand has finally exceeded supply.


Also a lot of players have been playing for along time and have opened there own portals as well. so they aren’t selling all there oort. Most likely stock piling like most of us do.

Hahaha. Nice. Wish I was there for that.

Might be time for one of my Monthly controversal threads like
Why are the Network owners dont have a Meeting to streamline all the Networks, share the work load etc.
Pros/cons etc…
Maybe i should do that.
But it will prolly come out to one Nominator.
And then the thread gets closed as useal.


Also less Oort drops from the meteors on high level planets now become of the added mat dropping. @Ratchel said it was going to be a problem and looks like it is.


Controversy nooooooo must… lock… thread…

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Actually we do. At least i talk and discuss things with Simoyd from Portal Seekers quite frequently. Dont have much contact with other networks though.

The issue with “streamlining” is that some of the networks will need to close - I dont think its fair to ask some networks to close “because muh economy”, unless they choose to do so themselves, which seems very unlikely

ill make a new thread, unfair for the OP to hijack this.
I apologize.

I’m smaller but I’ve seen my oort sales slowly and continuously dwindling over the past 3 months or so.

Game needs new mobs, hunting the same 4 enemies for a full year gets old.

We have been stock piling ours since we started to hunt. We have made some donations here and there we people ask for help. In Iconic for a bit we were even doing guild members donation hunts for a bit. Though it seems to boil down to like a few have said, everyone now has a portal network of there own. When I first started I only remember Ultima, Portal Seekers and then Pure was established and had their T6 network. So like some have said Oort is just probably being consumed by alot more people then in the past.

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Also one more thing. Dunno about other networks but PS and Ultima Were created solely for provide community a means of transport between planets. Our footfall gains if it was higher then our costs we used overprofit to sponsor some community events, so coins went back to players. Recently my network dont have best footfall that can cover even the upkeep costs. But i have loyal supporters who help me out wiht upkeeping it. but i cant ask them to give more and more so just others can use it for free sadly. Ive been pumping some of my personal funds to the network as well, but at the point when this will be too hard on own budget then, well goodbye :frowning:

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I hate those seeds! They erk me so…

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Yeah when i went on your hunt last week I got a ton of them and I was like “WTF might as well plant these”…

Nope can’t do it. They’re sitting in a cabinet. Maybe once they release the shop index I’ll sell them.