Oortstone price poll

That is true. When we had 3-4 networks it was a lot better. I dont want to judge others but it seems more network arose just cause they though about getting rich from footfall. I was many times pointed out by some players that im filthy rich cause i run Ultima. Each time i was explaining how it works but haters will be haters, so i gave up with explaining each time how everything works. Now i dont care what ppl think about me, if they think im rich ok. But my own funds i earned by myself. Ultima is seperate entity for me.


Make the seeds also run portals! Lol

This is a really good point that I agree with.

BUT if that’s not the avenue the population wanted it to go, then perhaps now would be a good time to bring up that discussion again that was done previously on having more/new ways of acquiring oort, instead of strictly from hunting (hunting is just flat out boring after you’ve done it for so long)

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Thread is up. So this can stay clear of general discussions to provide info wanted by the OP.

When the network hubs were all spread out it was better. Now, especially on planets where the network hubs are concentrated within a couple hundred meters radius, players are pushed to maintain their own portals. This means less oort to sell, and less incentive to support a larger network that isn’t serving their needs.

TBF the competition in “universe wide network” has never, to my awareness, passed 5 active networks. And right now it’s done to 3 functional networks, and a hybrid.

Lots of groups have their own t6+ runs now. And since so many of the larger networks, again are serving only a small part of a planet, if someone has to portal to a hub anyways, they might as well get directly to the high tier run that serves their purpose, or concentrates their friends.

Maybe this is a USEast problem but I’m not sure. Sounds common.

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Don’t worry Hash I don’t hate. People don’t understand coin can only help so much. Unless people are selling what you need then coin isn’t worth anything. If people aren’t willing to take your coin, again it isn’t worth…anything.


I used to be in the Oort buying and selling game, mostly just to benefit people who couldn’t find oort for sale. Should I restart that? I wouldn’t want to push prices up though; I always mirror whatever price Hash picks for oort because too much basket competition isn’t great.

Maybe we should help hunters more - perhaps a unified hunting discord and get as many hunt leaders as possible to use one single hunt discord so people can more easily find hunts. I’m going to start a thread let’s try to list as many hunt groups as possible.

I still remember my first group hunts hanging from the sign in Aquatopia @the-moebius. Memories :woozy_face:


There used to be a discord server just for hunts. But it didn’t get big at all. I don’t think people wanted to join more discord servers

The developers original vision was as stated by James a player should be able to maintain a couple of portals. If you have enough players you can make an argument that you can run a network and that falls within the vision. So while I can understand players describing some vision of utopia where we use warping instead , I keep going back to the early days after launch where a group of us almost went bankrupt having to warp everywhere. We had no coin to buy anything from anyone as every bit of coin went into getting to different planets to get the resources we needed. I would prefer never to return to that.


LOL I have just barely gotten above that. At any given time I never have more than 150k.

I would probably never leave the dome if I have to just warp augment everywhere.

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Gonna stick to the other thread

What are you going to mint? T1 rock? How are you going to buy forged tools or gather enough resources to forge your own? How is a store going to survive when the cost to even visit for players not on the planet is a few thousand coin? It sounds nice but the constant coin drain will be many times what it is for exo planets and that coin is gone. It does not go to the guy selling to be used for request baskets, it is gone for good.


150k is not barely above that. We literally were scrapping together a few thousand coin between 4 players to try and get to another planet and have enough coin to return. We only warped in groups to save coin. If we think hunts are not generating a lot of Oort now, this would further devastate the market.


Could it be there are too many networks now and that is causing footfall to not be as much as it was and that is why you are having to add your own money? Or too many networks for the amount of oort coming in? As far as hunting I do most of my hunting solo. One of the things I have been noticing is that I am getting several completed meteors that just gave 2 Oortstones. I am only doing level 3 and 4 planets as i can’t solo higher than that. Getting level 2 meteors mostly and some 3s and a few 1s. Didn’t really notice it being the level causing the “oort duds”. Though I really need to make a spreadsheet and track it for a bit. With the way my hunts have been I don’t really have a surplus to be selling. I did run into a hunt happening the other night and joined in for a couple meteors before it ended. However I don’t have that happen often.

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Well yes true 150k is above that. I am comparing it to players I know who have millions of coin. After a year though I would have thought I would have more coin…guess I am just to lazy to work for it.

But back to what you original said, I do remember those days also. I once got stock on a planet for a day or so till I did enough achievements / leveling to get coin to get back to my home on another planet.

Sorry for off topic. Will stop now.

Irrelevant to the poll but relevant to the matter being discussed, seems like i am not the only one affected by this. I stopped selling oort shards in my shop well over 10 days ago i think because no one was selling to me (at old prices) and the prices just kept increasing. So, i am now running on whats left of my little stash. Like a week more from now and ill either have to hunt again or shell out some shiny coins to keep the shop going.


So I’ll see you Wednesday or Thursday night @RedY3 :grimacing:

You can generate (last time I tested) 450 - 500c with a copper axe and thorns on a t1 planet. Bonus for some salable loot on the side.

Hunts totally go against my schedule :frowning:.