Oortstone price poll

Would it be more beneficial to do hunting runs on t7s? I dont know all the specifics, but I would think the ichor is worth it in this climate, especially if 15+ people are gathering it.

I haven’t gathered enough of it to know conversions, but 3x fuel for portals sounds good to me. Gives more time to gather more oort, and we would use less of it

It’s not worth it to run a portal network on it. One or two portals sure but the amount of Oort shards lost is worse to a network.

The fact that people have choose to create portal networks… no one told them you have to do it.
As @Kal-El stated it was never “planned” to people maintain huge networks… (but ofc this is videogame and nothing is planned)
Atm people are pushing themselfs to limits.

One thing i have always kinda dreamed of but it takes lots of organization is to have every single portal (not higher tier one included) as 1x2…
it would start from x owned jump to different owner with closest blink and so on
thats how everyone would get some ff and it would run really long.
Also it would be cool to visit towns that way :slight_smile:

Problem here is not so much of the portals… or even oort… the footfall is the problem and this is just my opinion but if thete would be no footfall the be would be not some networks… and im not saying this cause you get FF to cover oort cost… meaning people want coins…
Tell me if im wrong?
Maybe the question is why people do make portal networks when there is alrdy several of them available?

I’m sorry to hear that, Your shop was one of the places that covered me when I didn’t have time to hunt or people weren’t selling to my store, or both. I’m probably going to have to consolidate some of my portals to make my supply work. Time to do some math! lol

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It’s not a fuel multiplier.

In the end it allows you to fuel the portal for a longer time, but you spend more oort per hour to fuel it.

Hehe all good. Always appreciate it when i hear about a happy customer xD.

Times change and its normal i guess. Soon enough shards will be available again and theyll flood the market i think. But yeah being efficient with the portals helps!

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… Some of them want to use you
Some of them want to get used by you
Some of them want to abuse you
Some of them want to be abused.…


Yeah for sure.

I’ve already got “the most efficient” but there are some existing portal systems that could reduce my need of the stuff if I leveraged them more strongly instead of using direct portals.

Sadly tho I’ve noticed that now most hunts being organised are at times that Europeans won’t be able to participate unless they are like me with crazy sleep times…

  1. yes
  2. see 1, yes
  3. yes, that’s just market value, couple months back some people were happy to find a basket with coin now everyone that has a basket for them is competing with higher and higher prices and thus people sell to the highest, can’t blame them
  4. oh heck yes! every player and their donkey has their own T5+ network! I had one too, I liked having it, when I started it not many others were out there besides PS and Ultima, it really never became all that popular but many others started to make their own as well. I now changed the portal gates into Farm Hubs and connected those to the TNT portal gates instead.
  5. don’t think that’s the case
  6. player numbers seem to go down if you believe those steam sites are accurate and that PS4 players act the same

There’s a 7. tho here as well, on higher level planets the oort drops less than before.

For me personally, hunting got boring, it can be fun in small groups still, but in the big groups I often wonder if people would notice if I would just stand in 1 spot and tape my trigger key… it feels like I can hardly do anything that is noticeable to the group as a whole.
And the worst part is, if you’re doing it for the oort the bigger groups get you more…

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That was fun hanging from the signs there…:blush:

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I started my T5+ network merely out of convenience, didn’t want to run so much and portal hub 10 times before I actually got where I wanted to be. I also had more and more beacons out there with farm/mine spots that I wanted to add somewhere and that was not really possible with either PS nor Ultima.

I closed it, converted them to Farm Hubs, connected them to TNT. I am open to connect them to other postal networks as well if they feel it’s desired…

Also, two more things, Eresho, Ultima’s I dislike it with a passion, it’s way to darn big, too much running. I still used it for the lower level planets (or PS for that matter depending on where I was going and which route was shorter to my destination) but now 90% of the time I use the TNT network. I mean all T1 to T4 planets in a small room is ideal!

Second thing, why not do the same thing as TNT does? Let the city owners pay for the oort for the portal…

To summarise: I myself rarely ever use PS or Ultima’s network these days, lower level planet? I got the TNT portal in my city and use that. T5+? I have collaboration with TNT and have a direct big portal to their start of the network at Serpensarindi and each of their portal gates connect to Nova Golda Farm Hubs, my old portal gate locations which still have all our farm and mining locations…

Only use Ultima or PS when I know the shop I’m going to is easier to find that way.


Oh, well that sucks. It should just be a multiplier

The biggest cost tho are the T5+ networks and there are a gazillion of them out there! It’s crazy!!!

I liked boundless much better when there were less networks. I use Auqatopian and Ultima all the time. I did use PS till they moved their biitual portals from where the guild base was built. I use Auqutopian as portal from my base on Maryx (where I prefer to live for peace and quiet). I only use the others when I am out running through shops hunting for something and end up going through one trying to find my way out of where I am at. I also liked it when there wasn’t all these Malls. I personally don’t care for shopping at the malls. I get lost. Find so little of interest if anything. I feel like we had much better quality shops when we mostly went to them from Network Shop portals. But I digress. Anyway…too many portals actually makes finding your way around much harder and is a bit frustrating.

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Now that you mention it, I definitely find myself crossing through the TNT hub if I’m ever in a hub. It’s probably for the exact reason you mentioned, everything is in grapple range.


There have always been markets and “malls” in the game. It’s a natural thing for people to group together for convenience - especially when a lot of people don’t like going through so many portals or had connection issues trying to do so.

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I am still way below that. I totaled mine up to see yesterday and I had 64k spread out over my characters. Maybe if another umbris planet ever shows up I can get the rest of my gems to do my mass craft and make my coils for the chrysominter. I am not sure if that will really help or not.

Has this been confirmed? Is it because of the seed drops? I got only 5 oort off of a large meteor and thought that was strange. If that’s the case, it would have been nice if the seeds were in addition to and not instead of.

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Yep, it’s exactly that, sadly :frowning:

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