Oortstone price poll

Ooorts high because folks are building with it like crazy everywhere I look I see deco oort so of course the price will go up. A fair price is whatever someone will pay for it if they need it. Economics restrictions create a whole other set of problems.

Yes but if drop rates have been introduced that in effect is WS controlling supply (and making prices go up) even if unintentionally.

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I mean sure if thats the case thats an issue but there is now another purpose for oort that I kinda predicted when it was introduced that oort prices would eventually go higher because folks want to build with it, I mean if the drop rate is lower that makes things even worse. I just dont think you can dictate whats fair and thats my issue really.

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Oort is most definitely the most valuable resource in the game… it is for sure worth investing in and there will always be a market for it.

It would be nice if it was somehow incorporated into farming… we grow kindling shards and combustion particles… why can’t we add to the in-organic farming and grow something to make oort last longer?

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I guess I some how over looked them for the most part then as I have been playing since EA. I remember towns with little shops all over the place but not the tiny little Mall spots like I am seeing now. Maybe they weren’t so big or maybe just not so many of them as there are now. I just never ran into them till I came back when the farming update came out.

What if they just doubled the oort drop from meteors? not percentage, but units possible.

Guaranteed that before the last update my oortstone baskets would be filled every few days.
since update have hardly had any.
luckily I have some stockpiled but it the shortage continues much longer I will have to close some of the bigger portals (TNT mega hub, the hive etc)
Do I need all my portals… Of course not… But i do like being connected to the community.
Hopefully they will boost drop rates.

It’s not just Oort… I have over 50k in request baskets for Adrenal glands… Buying at 100c ea… no one biting.

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Do you think people are holding on to stuff waiting for that market UI update so they can sell at the best price? I know that is not my reason. I have less than a smart stack of the stuff and need to keep it for my own use. I only have two portals to my shop and one to another base.but I don’t want to run out and the bigger portal eats through shards.

Yes, I do. Treat Oort like a currency because that is exactly what it is.

Did someone really think a network will make you rich? They suck quite a lot of oort, TNT is struggling to get sales too, we’re below the emergency line and will have to hunt ourselves soon. At least this thread proves that it’s not an Ultima ruse to dry out other networks :smiley:

There’s simply too many portals in the game right now to be supplied with the oort that’s hunted, so prices will keep rising until enough portals close and people stop buying oort. But nobody knows how far it will go D:


Another way of obtaining oort would be good. I enjoy the hunts very much, but my attendance is poor due to sporadic play times…

Like how the RRs drop oort on occasion, maybe this could be bumped up so that hunting high level road runners would provide a fair amount of oort. Or at least guarantee an oortstone drop every time…
Or a new mob (hunter?) eventually could drop oort?

Oort is the life blood of the universe… It keeps us connected and it seems strange to me that it can only be obtained in one way

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Hmm, you did just list two ways, though :wink:

Not saying I wouldn’t like more oort.

@Nightstar touché :stuck_out_tongue:

Though it’s not really feasible to try run portals by hunting road runners right now lol! Maybe a 1x2 to the same planet but try run a network on RR oort lol!


Yeah I ran my first (1x2) portal on roadrunner drops and dormant finds.

It wasn’t until i could at least take a meteor easily on level 3 that I was comfortable opening more than one.

It’s ok for someone that just wants a portal from their remote build to a network hub, though.


This is exactly where I was a few months ago when I let it all expire. It just felt like a grind, and I wasn’t even responsible for one of the largest portal networks in the game. Ultima was my first taste of city life when I joined Boundless. I was awestruck by that metal building with the / shaped chisel lines and all those titanium furnaces inside… Just wanted to let you know your city* [your group’s city] has touched us all! And nobody wants to see your network close but as a person if you need a break you may have to consider taking one. Maybe someone else could step in…? At any rate, don’t let it all expire lol! And do come back if you take a vacation!!

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Wow, I must be selling these way below value then. I think I only charge like 20-40c or something for my adrenal glands.

I’m sure she’d buy them for that price but hardly anyone is willing to sell them or hunt for them lately.

Yeah I get that, I get them by the handful to dozen whenever I go out after bitterbeans/shadow orbs. So I just drop them in my stand, and they do sell out often, but I haven’t “hunted” for them to get a real stable supply.

No single thing would kill the game; I was having fun before I even knew there were hubs.

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