Oortstone supply

Curious… lately everyone seems to be very aggressively trying to buy oortstone to the point of a price war is starting to be waged… is the supply adequate? Or do we need to find other ways to inject oort into the game?

Just curious what everyone is thinking?


I think it’s actually too much oort is being hunted that is easier to buy it instead of hunting it yourself. Specially well stablish players/groups.

Edit: tbh is nice to see items go up in price than the continues roller coaster ride downward.


The supply has been drying up ever since Jacey stopped the daily hunts. Judging by this, those hunts were a big portion of the oort coming in to the economy.


The summer months tend to have lower MMO participation, top that off with people like myself who have been putting time into WoW classic and we have a temporary shortage of players running meteors I feel. As Autumn gets started, and more people start to settle back into their gaming habits we hopefully will see an uptick in play time for people again.

I would like another way to obtain Oort in addition to what we have, but I think the current shortage is a “perfect storm” that is causing the lights to flicker and ripple across the portal systems of the known worlds.


Are there not daily hunts still? I see them pretty often I feel like. Maybe more people went to Jacey’s because of the time it was run at? I know I attend some I know are dailies, maybe 2-3 times a month to stock my personal needs.

I normally get tops of 100-200 oort stones per hunt but with speed runs + low level hunts Sasquatch, iconic and whoever is doing low level t4 Delta hunts lately guildies are reporting 200+++ oort

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The EU timezone doesn’t have anything that comes close to the regularity of them, I haven’t been able to hunt in a long time because of it. Maybe US is more active?


As a former oort supplier Id say that its also due to the pretty compact oortstones. Havent sold any since those came around and I used to sell a lot :3


I offer the highest price I’ve seen for rough, 250c (though I usually only put in enough for 45 at a time) and was surprised when I got home that it was still there… basket has had funds for about 24 hours I think now. That is rare for me!

Don’t forget the Oort amount dropped too because of the added items in the meteor loot.


Supply was never adequate, it just got worse.

It’s really bad how everything goes down in price, because the economy doesn’t work in this game, but the Oort price climbs like crazy.

Oort is consumed at a constant rate. Portal networks, or your own portals, all consume a constant amount of Oort per day, regardless of if 1000 concurrent people are playing or 100. The fewer people that play, the bigger the percentage of Oort that is consumed by the networks.

I think the price war will only go up so much until only botters who abuse the minter will be able to buy Oort. Last week I earned 24922c footfall over my 8 regen farms. The 8 farms run 9 1x2 portals, that’s 109 Oort stones per week. That means I’ll be able to pay up to 212c, after that I will have to start shutting down portals. (And no, I’m not going to hunt. If I want to farm mobs, I play WoW Classic, which I enjoy more. I play boundless only to build and run the farms.)

I got like 50 from just joining in when I had been out gathering. I’d never been on a hunt before, so that was interesting. :slight_smile:


I’ve been buying it for a few weeks now for 180 because I was bored with hunting.
And just wanted to build. Now I’ve started hunting again. I think keeping money in the baskets really helps. Maybe me buying has taken some of the oort they were getting? And if there are a couple more people buying too. Then perhaps it’s driving the price up.

I suggested last week oort was going up. running around to various baskets during my mining experiment. Noticed a whole lot of request baskets and hardly any selling it and more and more posts clamoring on the forums for it, from individuals to hub managers.

It has nothing to do with the minter. If people were abusing that the devs have direct data to prove who and what is happening and we would have seen something regarding that.

The market is simply going through a correction based on supply/production and demand. IMO The game doesn’t need as many hubs as it has honestly, and if oort goes up in price then maybe it trims that down some, or maybe those people who run the hubs decide to buckle down and farm the oort they need themselves, or people decide they want to donate all their oort (though that seems less likely these days given that prices are going up like they have in the last week.

(if i wanted to wreck the oort economy, using the minter isn’t how I would do it - that’s the most inefficient way of doing it. I’d use the millions I make from selling goo, and ores and gems to buy out oort when I see it, but that is way too boring and time consuming a task for something I don’t think would be very fun)

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The lack of consistent daily EU hunts has been pretty tough for me. I need about 1200 Oort per week to run portals and it’s been noticeably more difficult to reach that figure.

I think people got put off Jacey’s hunts when they were being trolled daily, and then when farming dropped, it caused Circarpous to be busy with people looking for exotic yams and it became more difficult to spawn meteors on the speed hunt system.

There’s definitely a gap there for a regular hunt group in an EU friendly time slot.


Man that is a lot.

I know. There’s only two of us usually doing hunts! Occasionally three.

Yea, I use 2400 oort shards a MONTH for personal use. If I needed 1200 stones/week, that would just be not fun for me. Even playing with another person, that’d be a good chunk of playtime where I coulda been goo swinging or rock bashing.

Funny how we all make preferred choices and how they change the way we play the game from others.

Leading the hunts aren’t hard. If anyone has ever led a raid in practically any other MMO, Boundless hunts are like pickups compared to those things. There were a lot of people in that time slot that hunted that I think would be more than capable of picking up that slot, but whether or not they think it would be fun to do is a different question entirely.

I would quite like to try leading a hunt, but I’m quite nervous about it being a disastrous calamity! :grin:


Honestly you should give it a whirl! Start off with a few friends, if anxiety s a thing. Once you realize you can take a few, it’s easy to do a bunch :smiley:

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