FUTURE MALL has been opened!

I still need to work on fine-tuning it, but this can be done meanwhile players start building their shops, nor will it affect anyone in the progress.
I opened it since i said it should have been finished end of December, but due to having Lea here with me I haven’t done any work on it. but slowly getting stuff done!
also the shop plot areas are done so if i would have finished or opened before finishing it would have made no difference :slight_smile:
there’s space for 24 portals of MAX 2x9 conduit (CenterPoint) (fueled by me see screenshot)
so calling all hubs and cities to give me a token to their area!

then there’s 48 portals of MAX 2x5 (standard portal size 2x2)
these portals are for the community to open up and fuel

then there’s 72 portals to be used by the shop owners only to gain quick hub access from their shops to the portal hub

Welcome to FUTURE MALL!
some basic rules are
*be kind
*try to keep your shop stocked
*only 1 shop per account holder
*try to build until the mall roof (at least) please, but higher is allowed go sky-high if you like :slight_smile:
weekly footfall coin giveaway! (weekly footfall gets collected and 1 shop owner gets the footfall by using the lottery system there will be one winner weekly)
see boundless.online for info
it depends on your situation but if you fail to keep your shop stocked without a reason for 2 weeks
I will reclaim your shop spot and make room for another player.

real life gets priority, so if you cannot keep your shop stocked you should let me know
and you will be excluded from the re-claim, I only reclaim if you don’t communicate with me.

there’s also spots for advertisement


the mall will not expand so if the spots are filled you will have to wait,
there’s 108 spots and 100 spots left!


DISCORD HOST#0001 (caps)


excellent work!

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That’s the most beautiful mall in whole boundless!

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Question, @HOST; are all the shop portals pointing in the direction of the shop themselves? So that when someone puts something in their knowledgebase, and it points to the shop, they’ll almost certainly also find the right portal?

I only ask because I’m curious if you engineered this in a circular pattern, to fan out … etc?

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@MadManMoon this is correct theres

18 portals North
18 portals East
18 portals south
18 portals west

so if you have a shop in north you will need to get a portal in north direction
this way its easy to find shops indeed, and this is the way the pattern works


that is

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if anyone wants to connect to FUTURE MALL I will maintain the portal up to 2x6 portal size at the mall core (center) area , you can check the distance at https://boundlexx-ui.azureedge.net/tools/distance/

THE FUTURE Sovereign planet

currently there’s 22 portal spots left that i will fuel/maintain!

EDIT: core/center portal size changed from 2x6 to 2x9
so max size can be 18 conduit


I want to connect!


Look, we all want new friends, DK … but try not to sound too desperate!


make it special and you got it : XD

i need a 2x8


@DKPuncherello any info on a portal?

also current farms available

and there’s some portals left i will either use or anyone can open up to their farms!
you can check the distance by using --> https://boundlexx-ui.azureedge.net/tools/distance/
(THE FUTURE sovereign)

available portals right at the hub center!

also still lots of advertisement sots available too!

farm portals can be up to max 1x4 and 2x4

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17 spots left that I will fuel, minimum size is 2x3 and max size is 2x9
got yourself a hub or city and would like to connect to FUTURE MALL? contact me


some nice shops have been created already!
thanks to those being part of the FUTURE MALL

i already have a good few portal for players to access the mall and versa
i also re-designed the center core a bit with even fancier materials

some shop screenshots

the portals

hopefully opening more portals soon
and for people to start their shop as well



a video of the current change also replaced the white deco gravel with mosaic and leds
i mean come on what’s the future without leds right?


It looks awesome! Last week I spent almost 30 minutes playing in that area, avoiding the space in front of the store portals. I really thought there was no glass there. I was afraid to fall and die. Maybe you could change the color of the glass in order to make it more obvious. I vote for a yellow tone😬.

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haha glad you had fun! but yea why would i place portals up there without a floor hmmm :thinking: i had this discussion a few times with myself , also asked people what they wanted, i thought of a different color indeed and also considered trellis but its a bit unique in a way that the portals are shown and visible and you could look up and see the tower and with black it looks the best.
i did put signs up that the floor is made out of glass, and even then its something to get used to i think? overtime maybe it becomes normal

its pretty straight forward


Touché!! There were no portals when I was afraid to fall. It make sense now :wink:

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I fell and died here

And people say dkmall is unsafe



@DKPuncherello You should get an attorney.


that’s not the future the future is child safe :crazy_face: