Optimal setups for Exotic and Waxy tuber plants for sustainability?

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I have played around with some test layouts (learning from a previous thread on fuel farming) for getting good seed output (for expanding the farm for exotics mainly) while producing some crops. I am curious if anyone else has done tests for sustainable Exotic / Waxy tuber growth? The best percentages I have been able to achieve that I think will be sustainable are:

Waxy - Crop yield 68% / Seed yield 110%
Exotic - Crop yield 48% / Seed yield 110%

Curious about others results so far.

If you look thru this post you should be able to see whose farms to visit. Not sure how big of a farm you’re going for.

Perfect, thanks!


This is just the start of seed production. Planning for at least 5 times this.

Wait… wrong thread.

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