Option to disable UDP


@lucadeltodecso I think you’re the right person to ask about this.

Is there a possibility that an option could be added to the game to disable UDP? The game seems to use UDP but fallback to TCP if UDP totally fails. But if the UDP is mostly working and only failing the odd packet, users may get laggy game-play but the game seems to keep trying to use UDP.

An option to just always use TCP may help some people’s connectivity issues. What do you think?


The only real advantage TCP typically has is that it verifies information gets where it’s going. This is a good idea for like file transfers, but typically UDP does better for streaming media, like videos and whatnot. I’m actually interested to hear a dev lean one way or the other on this.


The config.json in game folder can add ‘enableUDP: false’ to disable udp use.

Udp is realistically never going to be worse than tcp, but your shop scanner certainly seems to screw that up somehow right?

With it disabled, occasional packet loss will cause rubberbanding much more easily. Udp is used for game inputs to server and will keep sending the last N frames of input until server confirms receipt, so any random packet loss only delays input by 1 frame, but the server is generally expecting to receive the inputs ‘within X frames’ so an extra 1 frame delay is fine. Disabling udp means a random packet loss could add an extra roundtrips of delay, much longer than 1 frame ~ aka much more likely to cause rubberbanding.

The game falls back on TCP if it thinks UDP is failing, but realistically only ever seen this in cases where TCP would just fail to work well enough anyways, but was kept in as a ‘just in case someone has dodgy routing of udp’


We do not recommend players disable UDP.

Please do not use this option.


This explanation was so very satisfying.


This post, I think, was made based on a conversation we had in discord. Based off the post James recently made how Fortnite also uses the AWS infrastructure.

A test or two was made and servers (boori for example went from unplayable to playable- hopefully that person can post with their experience on that)

There was further conversation on the routing to servers as I personally suffer bad connections on PS4 (eu and aus worlds can become insane at some points - use and usw worlds are never an issue) James has gone over in a previous post how/why that happens. My problem is I don’t have the issue on the PC. It only shows itself when playing on the PS4. I posted about the issues and was told it was my isp or to hard wire, back in September/October. I did both of those things and it fixed nothing on the PS4 account. The only fixes have been from updates the team has made.

I prefer and enjoy playing on the PS4 but at certain points of the day it’s just impossible so I’m relegated to doing a specific role (crafting building) if I want to play at those times. (On the PS4- which doesn’t use the shop scanner)


Yea my scanner totally borks with UDP. I’m honestly surprised the game doesn’t just crash XD. it just got me thinking I guess, but your explanation makes sense to me.



I absolutely enjoy lucadeltodeco’s response to this.


Oortian language changed a lot since i last read it. Can’t recognize this.