Ore Pricing

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I’m looking at how to appropriately price everything, and it all comes down to what the price of my materials would cost me at market. What would you be willing to sell ores for at someone’s shop?

I think this would be a good place to look for a price for some ores.

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That is a great post. BTW That is his own post.


For the most part, I’d travel to Berlyn and look at the shops set there. It’s a very popular shop that’ll give you an idea of how much to price everything. Depending on the planet you’re on, you could increase or undercut based on availability/rarity of the items on said planet.

I think one thing we should work backwards from is warp picker ammo.

That’s one of the most expensive things to craft in the game at the moment, I’ve been trying to sell loads at my shop for ages with no bites :slight_smile:

I feel like the price people are prepared to pay for warp picker ammo will greatly lower the current prices of gold etc once more people are selling and they’ve fixed the warp cost/economy bug.

No one needs warp picker ammo, because you can buy the location markers way cheaper. It needs to be redesigned.

Maybe a system that doesn’t let you travel to a new planet with a location marker unless you’ve been there before on your own. Like fast travel in most open world games. Or location markers need to consume a similar amount of materials as the warp picker.

Yeah but i’m pretty sure they’ve already realised that, i assumed the plan is to do what you say and require a visitation to a planet by warp picker/player escort before location markers can be used

Don’t forget permanent portals are going to implemented as well though. I think warp picks are going to become obsolete at some point. The best way I can convey my point is through the example of boats and bridges. After a bridge(portal) is created there is no longer a need for the boat(warp picker), instead it is replaced by a toll. I do think this will give rise to an entirely new market though for portal tolls.

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Fair enough, but they will still have a use each time a new world is connected and no one has a travel path yet.

If that’s the case and they end up becoming that scarce but still a requirement, we should still consider their pricing and maybe the ingredient costs should be raised even higher…

I think warp pickers will still have their place … certainly in 2 instances I can immediately think of…

  1. You need them to get to a brand new planet. If no one has set up a shop selling location markers, you’ll need to pick a location yourself.

  2. If you do happen to buy a location marker from someone … it’s for a specific location. If that location ends up inside a pay lock room, you probably wont want to use that warp location too often (or probably not at all after the first time). If you hear from another player that location is behind a pay lock, you may want to just pick your own location.

Personally, I also think that location markers will soon come with a crafting material cost, as at the moment, apart from the costs in first getting to a new planet, they’re money for nothing. Although, essentially you can buy someone else’s markers for every planet they have been to, create as many duplicates of those markers as you want and then start selling them yourself. There’s no material cost associated with them, which there should be, otherwise the market will be flooded with them and, as you say, there will be less and less requirement for people to make their own pickers at all.

I’d even like to see the initial saving of a location as a craftable item - maybe just with something like 1x Refined Stone Wall and 1x Silver (for the lettering ;)).

You took the words right out of my mouth. … how unsanitary!
Warp location picker ammo will be best used when new planets become available. I have a stash just for that when the time comes. :smirk:

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I have a couple stashed as well, but I’m not sure that we’ll get any new worlds before v1.0 - in which case, everything gets wiped and we start from scratch.

I may just use one of the one’s I’ve got… seeing as I’ve never actually tested the picker mechanic before!

My thought on this is they will have to test the resources to make diamond equipment and portals. There is a good chance they will work on titans near the end. How bettor to introduce new resources than to make a new world.
All hopeful speculation. I would love to see a truly alien world like folks were creating and sharing in the creations section awhile back.

I’m not so sure on this, as the resource regen can cater for new resources being added - the devs can tailor all the resource regen stuff “on-the-fly” (at least as far as I am aware). It’s also probably best to keep the community on a smaller group of servers so that proper load balancing can be tested as any new features come out (especially for something like titans).

I’m hoping they leave some of the ‘alien world’ surprises for when the game is at 1.0 :slight_smile:

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all good points. I get existed sometimes :smile:

Me too - and I could be wrong on all of the above! I still like surprises though :wink:

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