Organized Mall - Shop Contest 250,000 Coins - 1st Prize! Open Shop for Chance to win! (Ends in 5/31)


New mall in Biitula called "Organized Mall"

Our Goal:
If you hate spending a long time looking for what you need spread across 50 planets, this is the mall for you.

This is a mall with a new twist, our goal is to help buyers find what they need faster, instead of wandering around aimlessly to look for things you need.


We are looking for more seller to open shop at our mall and have decided to run a contest:

Official Start: NOW!
Official End: 5/31

Best Looking & Designed Shop

Prize paid in Coins:
1st Prize: 250,000 coin
2nd Prize: 100,000 coin
3rd Prize: 50,000 coin

If you are up for the challenge and believe in the goal of the mall, you are welcomed to open a store to enter the contest.
All existing shops are automatically entered into the contest.

Come check us out!

Join our Discord so we can help you get set up and to contact you if you are the winner.
Discord: K9hJQmW

A Seller’s Testmonial:
“So far I feel like the mall is doing well. I know that I have opened shops other places and this one has been more profitable for me over other places.”

Mall is organized in 4 Main Categories:

Hubs to find our Mall:

  1. Biitula PS Hub

  1. Legendville Hub

  1. Aqua Embassy Hub

  1. DK’s Legendville Mall

  1. TNT Mega Hub

  1. DK’s Ultima Tree Hub

  1. Duskmoor Center Hub

  1. Icon - The Hunt Hive Hub

  1. The All Block Shop Hub

  1. Regen Consortium

  1. Code Gleam

Mall space is first come first serve, If you wish to open a shop, best to Contact Me on Discord: K9hJQmW
or Use Mailbox at the mall.


250k coin reward is very generous indead. Let’s see who is gonna win.


I have a shop in this mall and I can contest that it has been quite profitable already, and convenient since it has so many hubs connected to it.


Glad our seller is able to find great success at the mall, hopefully this contest will draw more great sellers.