Other Player Plotting Land Right Next To Our Settlement

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Not sure if this is categorized as griefing but me and some friends created a settlement and it has gotten pretty large. We got on today and noticed someone had plotted almost 900 plots (we looked on the settlements page) and covered a large area of the river right behind our settlement and built a large bridge across the river right up to our plots. Several of us had plans for buildings on/in/under the river soon and now we can’t do anything as this player is building an (in our opinion) ugly bridge right up to our settlement. We asked him about it and he said “This area wasn’t claimed yet” which is true but surely there has to be some protection to settlements that can help us. We asked if he would stop and remove it nicely and he replied “It is late, ill think about the request” and kept building his bridge. Is there anything that can be done about this??

That’s perfectly allowed. He didn’t box you in or anything. He may have just wanted to add to the settlement.


Unfortunately nothing can be done If he decides not to move. Let him consider it and speak with him again. If he doesn’t leave you either have to relocate or work around it:/

Not griefing.

What you should’ve done is claimed that land before he did. Not much you can do other than deal with it or pack up and find a new place. Welcome to the sandbox!

It’s a hard lesson to learn as others have dealt with the same issues.

hey smooth long time no see. We’re trying to talk to him but he ignores us for the most part and just keeps at it. we explored around and I’m pretty sure he’s done this to others and just said “youre welcome for the bridge.”

We would’ve claimed it if we had enough plots but we havent gotten that much yet. He’s bought a bunch and just uses them to do this to people as I’ve seen. Surely something toxic like this is against some kind of rule :confused:

He has a bunch of empty plots and connected up to us. We just don’t want to have our settlement taken over by something like this where we cant pick the name or anything :frowning:

I do hate to hear stories like this but he hasn’t broken any rules. It’s a shame but if it wasnt plotted it’s free for the taking. Talking to them is all you can really do. Or try bribing them:p

hegh any suggestions on a bribe

They may be willing to negotiate for materials they need. Perhaps offer coin (if you can afford it) and if they dont want it ask if there is anything they would be willing to move for. I imagine the price is going to be steep since they know you really want them gone. They may not even be willing to take anything though. They could decide to just leave after consideration or they may not be willing to leave at all. Best of luck!

This is highly unfortunate

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I don’t like where is this going.
You should move your base and leave before bribe him.
If you give him any coins he will repeat the process forever and there will be 683 th about this guy in the future.


we’re already well established with about 700k prestige. we are negotiating with him. i think we got him to just keep the bridge and not build anything else over here

Along as you do not box him in, you can cut him off from your settlement. As long as he has a way to get out of his plots, you do not have to “include” his plots in your build. Where his build meets yours, leave one set of plots empty and build a wall along the side away from him.

I would not pay him coin or any resources. It just encourages people to do this again and again.

do not agree to any kind of harass like this. if the guy dont want to remove his “build” just work around it. do not even think of paying him. cause this will spread as standard tactic and a lot more ppl will start doing such griefing manners to get coiins or other resources to remove their plots. which is not nice.in my opinion asking for any “payment” to remove plot is griefing and considered as a forced tribute.


Yes it sucks but if its unplotted and there is an entire river between you and him then it is what it is. Im currenty building a castle and i plotted 3x the current area of what it is now just to make sure i have room. I made a small shop stand in the heart of one of the major cities on merika and some dude made one right next to it and we both ran into each other and were very nice. “I tried not to block your shop” etc. some areas are a free for all right now. All you can do is hope the other player is understanding. If im building something so huge though the last thing id want to do is ■■■■ off my neighbor. Why not compromise? If he didn’t build yet keep trying to compromise with him. Maybe you can both agree on an aesthetic style to link both cities visually.

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Yeah, exactly that. I’ve also recently ploted a lot of land which i want to preserve / develop a year down the drain. Don’t know if i will actually do it, but i would rather have that option instead of headache of moving my base. Plotting is the only tool we have to reserve land we want to expand to without serious problems.

Im desperately trying not to drop a hundred bucks on cubits cause every new planet i go on i find a spot that makes me salivate lol. PLOT ALL THE LANDS


That’s the thing. If you enjoy the game that much then do it. It supports the game but it is not needed. The game gives people ample cubits if that’s what people want. I’ve got about 600plots in use atm because of alts I’ve created and I chose to spend on cubits instead of masks and such. Each alt let me buy a new alt and at least 100+ plots if not much more.

No one HAS to spend money to be able to have a nice chunk of land. You do need to spend money if you want multiple chunks of nice land across various planets. But for folks who do want those things spending $100 for those plots is a very valid way of doing so. People call it pay 2 build but I certainly disagree with it. As I said I haven’t spent anything and I have well over 600 plots in play currently and am very happy with what I have. I will pay for gleam though as I enjoy the little fluff pieces they add and I want them to continue churning out new things for the game

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So if you find the bridge ugly, maybe you can offer him help to make it nicer, maybe even get the builder permission for his beacon to help him directly? If he keeps the land and bridge and gets a much more prestigious build out of it, probbably he would not totally opposed to that idea, and you dont have to live with an eyesore :smiley: