Our Settlement (196k) is being forced to merge


When and if they are, I think it would be nice to be shared to the top contributing players of the city. Highest prestige gets a certain % and staged down from there for a set number of players in the top of the list.

But Mayor shouldn’t be lost to prestige. It is a form of war. A political pvp.

That’s just me voicing about the game mechanic, not the situation of the original poster. Seems like neither is doing something wrong. Just working with a game mechanic.

Another thread with mention of incoming fix at some point.= Toggle-able settlement merge? Discuss solutions. Dev response inside


We lost our settlement. Lost our land. Our neighbors will not give our settlement name back. They have a lot of land not developed. They are just trying to get more prestige. I loved playing this game with my friends. Loved going to the village that took everything from us. I wish you had an option to accept or deny a merger. Being a smaller group we can’t take on a bigger group. I wish we could all get along and just have fun. This so needs to be fixed so people can enjoy the game and be proud of what they build. Not have it taken away. I wish our neighbors would work with us. It is so sad.


I wish u would work with us instead of plotting right through us and taking our settlements. We tried to talk to you but it seems like nothing is good enough for you. Thanks for ruining the game for me.


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I spent two hours talking to you both last night, the first 30 mins was you calling me a bully and telling me how evil I am so that wasnt fun. I released plots that you wanted so you can expand in the direction you wanted even though you already had a path of plots 20x1 long going there anyway. And at the end when we came to the agreement you log off and your friend ignores me while building for the duration of my visit.

Im tired of the entitlement you think you have when you look up to 10 plots away and say “those plots are mine, i have not plotted them yet,but they are mine anyway, dont take them.” The game doesnt work that way, you should not have those expectation in a game you play with hundreds of other people.

In a months time you wont be able to throw your totem in the air without it hitting ground owned by someone or ground someone thinks they are entitled to.

You might want to play Minecraft instead if you dont like neighbors. Im having to learn this as well.


Okay wait…who’s cow busted who’s fence?

Perhaps this conversation us no longer constructive?


I understand your issues, it seems this is happening all over on multiple planets, Big groups, or even small groups whom have a lot of money to spend/time to play.

As it was stated before-- Report the name in game, And wait. If you have done nothing wrong you will be fine-- we are in the same situation with our town. Devs have stated they are working on something-- they can’t say what-- but are working on something to try and fix this issue.

For now, your group can either wait patiently, pack up and move elsewhere/another planet, or other.

We are option to wait for what a Developer says as we reported the player for what they did to us. Based on what the dev states will determine if we play where we are, move, or other.

It’s not a small issue, a lot of people are increasingly doing this, to take over and gain control, grow their own cities, or are trolling. But because as many told me-- it’s the name of the game: turf wars-- You either fight back, or give in. And the only legit way to fight back, is building prestige for naming rights. Keeping active members is important.

I will watch the thread to see if your group gets any differently from our situation, and wish you and your friends all the best!


Where do I go to report so a final decision can be decided. If we are wrong we will accept it. But we would like some help. Please. Thank you


Did you make a verbal claim to plots? If so that won’t count. It’s first come, first serve I think.

There’s a report function in-game in the menu.


Yeah this is really important.
I feel some players plan to merge other town instead of create their own.
This is a serious issue, i hope devs should be more serious to solve this.
The problem for me is simple, why do i build a free town for other group ?
You know how much times we spend to build the town ?
Also the reason we can’t keep warden because we don’t want to spend way too much money to buy plots.
This why we have to use alts to share the plots (by cubit chest), so we can spend only a few real money to the games.(200$-300$ cad around)

Also for the most important reason, some nice design structure with less prestige (due to materials choose , empty space in plot) .

The highest prestige will be solid refine gleam or gleam lantern tower (this is kind of meta now ).

The problem for prestige is the plots.
(people can buy plots with real money)
Someone may argue that plots won’t give you any prestige.
However, without plots you can’t place blocks.

I saw a town made 1 million prestige in 3-5 days with 5 people only.
They can add 600k prestiges in one night.
This is no longer to be the materials issue, we don’t even have enough plots to compete with them.
and you know what ? They only have around like 5-6 building, but most of their building have at least 300 -400 plots. (Real money involve ?)

I hope devs can update the newest discussion for this issue.

Right now only small - mid level group suffer this situation.
However if one day some whales create a group and use this method to take down aqua / ps city in 1 week and change settlement name to “#$##$# city”. you will see more people upset or quit.


That sucks. I noticed your name on signs a bunch. It’s a nice place. I hope you can get mayor rights back.


After I plotted by the south side of them they then complained to me saying they wanted the whole lake even though they dont have the plots for it, basically entitlement.


Ok, Lexx. I thought we had an agreement. If you’re going back on our agreement, that’s on you. Your word should mean something. This whole thread started because you complained about someone else blocking you in.


I have already taken the plots away that had been blocking your other friend, and after a day neither of you have taken them even though you have been on. Start grabbing them and let me know what other plots you need.


Hi lexx, sorry I got busy and it slipped my mind. I started working in the area. Hope to keep increase the village prestige so it can go to the next level. Also, hope to get the lots back between our two areas. Thank you for the ones u did give back.


It’s nice to see y’all working it out! :+1:


Prestige wars will not be going away any time soon or if ever. But, the developers do have a decent plan to protect Settlement Names and claims at least. We just have to wait a while for them to develop the solution and put it into the code.


Your going to need to remove those plots or they can report you for violation o the EULA, an d CoC.


You can clearly see here that Lexx is lying again about moving his plots and beacons. The only thing Lexx really cares about is becoming the Viceroy of Trior. Lexx made an agreement with IllumiNaughty before, where he didn’t want to get taken over by them. So they made a deal to have a 4 plot buffer between them. Lexx simply will not do us the same courtesy [the showing of politeness in one’s attitude and behavior toward others.] Lexx has lied and claimed that our personal friends were his friends [one after another] and that he was only trying to connect to “his” friends. In actuality, Lexx just added another character past our Settlement, put down 10 plots and 11 Prestige [containing 1 campfire, 1 crafting table and 1 beacon] and says that is his “friend’s” area that he is trying to connect to. His whole plan was to absorb us and add our Prestige to his Village so that he can become Viceroy.

At this point, it is clear that nothing will change. It no longer matters what the Devs come up with. The game’s fun and experience has been ruined by one player. I feel bad for his other friends, they have always been welcoming and friendly.

It appears that Lexx is trying to force us to leave the game and the Boundless community.