đźšś Output multiplier for farming on higher tier planets

Would it be possible to add this? (T6 would offer the highest output multiplier). It would be nice if atmospheres also effected farming in some way imo.

This might provide enough incentive for higher level players to create or move farms/bases to higher tier planets.

Right now, I don’t believe there are any incentives to living/farming on a higher tier planet. Natural resource drop rates are higher, but I don’t think this effects farming…correct?


Please NOOOOO! Since it would mean I need to move my farm again :smiley:


Most farms are indoors - so it wouldn’t really be any harder to farm on a t6.
Is the idea to get people to move their farms off of the populated t1/t2’s?


I would like to see this.

In some other games the higher the environment level/enemy level the better the drops and output are. It would be great to have a multiplier for farming on higher tier worlds.

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What might be more interesting is if the three planetary atmospheres affected different crops. Say, purple crops grow better in potent atmosphere, yellow crops in caustic, green in volatile. But the crops that don’t grow “better” grow worse. So you’d want to put certain crops on certain t6’s.

Unless it was “farms that are completely outside on t6 get more drops” but you’d have to contend with mobs in return. But someone would probably figure out a way to game the system.


lol … we always say “I’ll never move again”…hehe

@DKPuncherello It requires atmospheric protections, the mobs are someone more annoying, and it requires better gear to move blocks around. Once it’s set up though, it would be fine - like you mentioned. Same reason most people don’t build much on the higher tiers, I suppose.

I had started a place on Norky when I heard farming was coming out - I assumed certain plants would only grow on certain planets or in certain atmospheres, but that was not the case so I removed everything.

I do think it would help move some of us from the lower tier planets and free up some space there.


I think it would be interesting if the atmosphere determined some extra trait. Like if crops grown in cold atmosphere gave a percentage increase in defense or damage when fighting on cold planets. If they were used in recipes. Or like if crops are grown on hot planets it gives a percentage increase to resistance to damage from lava.

Could be an interesting dynamic. Lush environments could give percentage health point increase or something.

T1 planets could provide a trait that increases production for crafters or builders. T2 could produce crops with a trait of increased harvest yield when used in recipes.

There are so many variations, it would be cool if you could cross them to produce variants too.

Lots of potential. I think creating different benefits for tier and atmosphere type would create farms on all worlds.


This would be cool.

@lucadeltodecso would it be possible (based on the way the game is coded) to have buffs, quirks and defects associated with food items? It would probably make for ugly stacking, but aside from that?


Lol moved for a 6th time. Finnaly started making a big expanded base and if this comes to be I think I’ll just have two bases way to much to move

I cannot count how many times i have put down a beacon to a forest for a project and after putting down plots i realize there is some 1 plot in middle of nowhere where is some farm for trunks.

That’s more because of the limit on saved locations IMO. Limiting saved locations = people use single plots to save locations.


Why put beacon in the middle when you can put it somewhere where its not on the way of someone…
People are just being arrogant

Perhaps they could leave the majority of the current crops as they are now but give us growable bean plants that prefer the certain atmospheres and grow better in them?
Sweet - Potent
Spicy - Caustic
Bitter - Volatile

Orbs might be another crop we could benefit from… the quantity of orbs I go through is crazy for just bonding agent, would be nice to be able to supplement it a little from crops even if they had lengthy turn arounds.

Seems like these could achieve the same goal without making players feel like they have to uproot everything.


Traveling to Norkyna is a major pain. You have to slog through both Aus planets. You have to suffer through Us planets (as someone playing from Eu). You have to waste 12 talent points for stupid protections, in all 5 pages.

I understand that you would like to build there. I don’t. It’s annoying enough to farm diamonds on an Aus server.

Please don’t remove choice from the game by forcing us to play on specific planets, or travel through them. (Unless all are hosted in Europe).

Make level 6 planets fun, don’t force us to go there with rewards.


And that’s fine :+1: This would be an added benefit for any players that chose to bother with it…in the same way you get more drops and XP from higher tier planets. It wouldn’t be removing or forcing anything

That’s the same for me. You build your protected indoor farm once, then get better rewards forever.

The only downside, after building, is inconvenient travel and wasted skill points. You don’t need more expensive tiller to tend your farm there. It’s actually easier as the chance of breaking something is smaller.

I wish we had valid atmospheric protection options other than throwing away 12 skill points on each page. Skill points are so that noobs can be equals. Pros should have options.


Pros I like that. Also like the word “Elite”, though that stirred up quite a storm before lmao :joy::rofl::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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It can be difficult to give a meaningful reason to farm on higher tier elemental worlds without making it a necessity to farm there to maximise output.

I originally suggested having planets do purely cosmetic tint changes based on worlds that could then be sold.

Unlike goo these tints would only be for the plant itself, but could be passed on, with one part of the plant remaining the same so you can identify the crop, with the other part changing color based on the color of gleam the world you are farming on naturally has (or maybe based on some other block, idk). This would only occur on elemental worlds.

Would give a reason to farm there without affecting the economy much, unless you want a specific color crop.

I’ve always wished boundless had set level ups at level 10-50, basically every 10 levels instead of extra skillpoints you would gain the equivlenet of 1 skill point on each stat (base stats, atmosphere stats and warp distance), with a new cap of 90 to make up for it (which would still mean we have more points to play with)

By level 50 you would have the equivalent of 4 points on everything, with the option of spending 1 point to get one of 3 atmosphere resistances to 5 (which would only be needed for exploring t7’s+), as well as upto 4 points on each base stat to get them upgraded further.

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Or at least make T6 crops sing.