Overhaul characters

Pls the current character model is horrible not just for me for everyone i know the current character model is the ugliest thing ever made pls add races, personalization and more i have friends that refuse to play boundless just because the characters are ugly as hell


That’s a matter of opinion. I mean yes it would be nice to customize them more. But I personally like the way they look. I don’t agree with them being ugly. But I will still advocate for more customization options in the characters and clothing/skins/mask


Same. It’s sad. :weary:


When the game was released alot of content was seemingly removed. Cat people, belts, armor ect.

I thought that’s because the cats weren’t made to support all the cosmetic stuff, bodypaints and masks.

I expect characters to look waaaay better once we have clothing and armor ( Art: Wearables Exploration ). I think the update they made to allow us to wear 3 helmets at the same time will be expanded to said clothing/armors to allow us to make our own styles of sets.

I want to make a 300lb Character. I mean my crafter never leaves the dome just eats yams all day! Weight adjustment bar!

Also Bob looks like this in my mind. With his pet wildstock!


Bring back the big block of cheese!


Hail Lester! :lester: never forget!

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