Overhaul Currency System, Install Alternate. Please Read & Vote!

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The problem here is that Oort stone is not a small enough currency. 1 oort shard=about 20 stone right now. No one would ever be able to sell anything that currently costs less than 20 coin.

Frankly, if footfall was awared every 24 hours, the current system would be great.


This fix truely doesn’t fix the underlying problem of the haves and half nots, rebranding coins/currency to fool the ones that are half nots will eventually understand that they are still the have nots and will want to change the same underlying problem that your idea is trying to fix/cover up.


This is offset by tax, Cost of hunting and cost to run portals. This is more of a balance issue that the devs can work on. It may result in portals using more fuel, It may result in more Tax.

But what it will do, Is un-gate portals from those who can hunt or can make enough money to outright buy their portal fuel. And being such a crucial feature, I think making it more accessable to all players is a good thing.


There is no “have and have nots” problem. Someone else having lots of coin has zero effect on you.


This would have to be balanced obviously, Probably something along the lines of 18 oortstone = 900 oortshards and rebalancing portal costs and footfall. But as it is now, this needs doing anyway. Im in no way suggesting how to balance this, But more the idea of consumable currency that better fits our lore.


I just don’t see any reason for big change. Just fix the footfall awards and everything will be fine.


You can’t offset inflation by tax.
A network needs only so much oort to hunt ( 10 hunters about 2 to 3 h on tier 4/5) after that all the oort gathered is free for trade, so just do it twice more and you have more money/currency than ever generated by footfall (which you will be getting on top of that).

So hunters can just price dumb or pay what ever, since they will always have a constant currency stream incoming. If you want to stop that with tax, you have to tax so heavily that nothing will end up on the other side of the transaction.


I feel that the coins to warp thing doesn’t fit the lore well, while using oortshards would.


I agree from lore perspective, but that doesn’t solve the inflation issue.


I’m not worried about lore.


The exact same thing applies to any part of the game, no matter what you do people can set their own prices for anything since its effectively just your time that made everything in the game.


If you want a simple fix to increase the value of coin, add an option buy cubits with coin. That would sink a lot of coin… leading to more being spent on other basics imo.



This coupled with full footfall awards is the winner.


Im pretty sure me and many others would abandon the game for Pay 2 Win reasons if that ever happened. And the goal is not to increase the value of coins at all, Its to make the economy more fluid and fluctuating but also fit the lore better. Paying coins to warp makes no sense.

Furthermore high levels would farm cubits as they do now to make coins by leveling through crafting a pies. It would completely tank the economy.


Why do you care so much about lore in a game that has none?


Maybe the answer for that part of the balance is to remove the Oortstone from Meteors and replace it with a different resource completely.

Game has lots of inherent lore, The way the world works and so on shows that.


No it doesn’t. If I set a price on my time in the game, i can with coin cause it holds some kind of buying power, footfall is a constant generation of currency and tax a constant take away (some times portal costs as well), so you can gauge how long it will take for that amount of currency to generate. So time has a direct relation to how much coin it is.

By generating an option to generate currency from thin air you increase inflation (in IRL terms lower the rate of interest so banks can loan money for cheaper and loan more money to people thereby generating more money that is circulated) if you want to stop inflation you want to reduce the currency that is in circulation (higher interest rates etc) with allowing players to hunt for currency straight up you will only ever increase the currency in circulation an thereby driving up the inflation.

(I know the IRL is simplified )


Then all you did, is renaming the coin to oort shards. Or you changed the powering of portals to coins instead of oort stones.


But this is also completely a balance issue, and NOT what I am suggesting here at all. Thats up to the devs to balance if by some miracle they decide this fundamental ideal is worth doing.

Boom hit the nail on the head this time, This is exactly what I am suggesting.


You’re missing something though - all the vanity ■■■■ that we’ll be buying with coin > cubits - it’s only pay-2-look-like-a-flouro-flower pretty much (apart from plots ofc. Eventually you’ll be sinking your millions into house plants, trousers, hats, gloves, peddle cars, and whatever other tack the devs invent for the cubit crowd. The lazy whales can just pay cash for the cubits of course. The knock on would be that coin has a black hole… it’s gone… meaning you have to earn more to spend more - prices will inch up as people want their seasonal cubit outfits, items, and toenail paints.