Overhaul Currency System, Install Alternate. Please Read & Vote!

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Okay so I know this isn’t going to get taken seriously, But the coin based economy I feel isnt working at all.
I think a shift is needed, To a better economy that betters fits the one of the best features of boundless; Portals. This is not to discuss how to balance this, Its the fundamental idea of the change.

So yes I am suggesting coins be removed, But my suggestion is a simple one. Convert all existing coin to Oortshards and make the following changes and lore changes;

  • Portal costs and the oortshards recipe would need to be re-balanced. Thats something the devs would need to work out. This is not something I am trying to change here. Merely the idea of consumable currency.
  • Oortshards are no longer a item, but are instead shown in your inventory in place of Coins.
  • Portals still use Oortshards as Fuel.
  • Warping would use Oortshards instead of coins. Keeping in line with the theme that Oortshards fuel teleportation between places. (@Oggieogham’s Suggestion)
  • Beacons instead grant Oortshards rather than coins, They gather traces of Oort Energy from those who wander by thus generating Oortshards.
  • Shop Plinths and Request Baskets do their trading with Oortshards also, They consume a small amount(currently tax) for the energy needed to process the transactions.
  • Objectives also grant Oortshards. Rewarding citizens with traces of Oortian energy for completing them.
  • Meteors continue to drop Oortstone, A Crystallized Oortian energy from the universe.
  • Extractors continue to turn Oortstone into Oortshards, But maybe instead have a efficiency mechanic worked in based on power coils. This is again up to the devs as its balance.

I think this would have large benefits for the game as a whole;

  • It gives players who do not wish to trade or hunt a way to enjoy one of the best features of the game; Portals.
  • It would also place a fair demand on Oortstone to actually be traded and consumed by portals.
  • Tax on trading could be reduced so it does not feel soo harsh to buy/sell for a profit.
  • Those running portal hubs would find it easier to maintain there portals, as the fuel would be more easily available.
  • Liven up the economy and remove stale wealth by making those with more coin more likely to use it to fuel portals, thus meaning they need to work at making more.

Examples of this sort of economy;

  • Path of Exile - This game if you do not know it, has no coins. It instead uses currency items that all have different consumable uses. Thus keeping the economy alive through the currency being used to craft.
  • Wakfu - All currency in the game has to be made, They use a currency system where you have to mint your own coins.

Please suggest others and ill update the post. Votes are appreciated.

  • Yes, I do support this change.
  • Maybe, I am unsure if either are the correct choice.
  • No, I do not support this change.

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The main reason is it seems to me to just substitutes Oort shards for coin. (Players wandering close generate Oort shards instead of coin). I think this rewards location and not effort, so I am not in favor if merely re-imaging the existing footfall system to use Oort Shards versus coin.

I definitely love the aspect of coins/currency in the game, it’s great tool to use to save time by buying resources from other players I like supporting the ones that spend their time on making me forged items and giving them my coins, I would like to keep this in the game mechanics.

Thank you

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Definitely agree with this, The whole Idea of this is to remove coins and use Oortshards in their place. You would still trade exactly like you were with coins.

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You stating there is to much of a shortage of oortstone basically,

Not exactly, Im stating the generation of coins is bad. But if there is to be more coins, there also needs to be more ways to consume them. Removing them from the economy so the reaming coins to not deflate in value.

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Removing currency would be a good move I’d say. Go back to either gold, silver, and back it up with such resource. The more gold and silver a state has the better off they will be. Either that or let each settlement print their own money. Currency run by each settlement capital decides which Currency is used for the planet. That way we have control, we decide to run the economy into the ground or make it flourish.

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I feel this is completely different suggestion, And should be proposed in its own thread. This is not what I am suggesting here at all, But I do think it could be explored.

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Would you make it so we would have to store physical oortstone shards or would it be like coins,

As stated in the first post;

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I like this because you would use oortshards to pay for warps instead of coins and you can gather oortstones to make Oort shards


I did not think of this, Adding it to the first post. Thanks!

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What’s your in-game name?

Exactly the same as my forum name. With the exceptions of my alts, Who use “Lynx” as a prefix.

The poll 3 questions are very biased , you have the two options to divide the ones that are either against or unsure, this will inflate the yes votes, very clever.

Open to suggestions if there on topic.

Should just be option 1 Yes, option 2 No/undecided,

So you could effectively go hunting for coin?

By that generating a huge influx of currency (oort shards) into the game, driving up the prices at first and then toppling any remains there was of an economy.

If you can mine or hunt or actively generate currency, how do you want to keep the currency influx stable?

That skews it the other way completely.

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I had a post a long time ago asking for some other means of warp conduit fuel beyond coins… something we could craft and use. So this would solve that.

I do overall like this idea but I would still want oort to be physical so we could keep it… shards are pretty. Maybe we have the ability to compact them or something else to increase density or amount in one spot.

Either way I never have loved coins and think it pushes people toward greed and other options that cause problems for this game.

Good suggestion.

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