Overhaul Currency System, Install Alternate. Please Read & Vote!

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It is not a balance issue, it is inherit issue as soon as you allow for currency to be mined/hunted/crafted or any other way to be generated in an uncontrolled matter.


This is actually just the opposite of pay to win. Coin is in game currency. Using Cubits to buy coin=P2W. Using coin to buy cubits would actually make you “weaker”.


I explored a premium material used for decorations which could serve as a real money to coin converter but respondants were pretty opposed to that variant for P2W reasons.

Will have to think about this more before I fully weigh in. My immediate thought is that we want more items to actually be valuable like Oort is. Oort is stable cuz the game has strong sinks for it. Everything else just kind of accumulates endlessly. Someone built a tower of coils and named it junk yard.

I think coins are starting to find their role in the game as facilitators of gathering mats for builds. I’d be curious at this point what things ppl want coins for.

If you want to play a capitalism game and get the most money you’d be better off playing the same game but with your Oort count. Oort has value to all play styles but soon coin will only be used by builders and ppl who need a cup of flour in a pinch


Players should never have the ability to create their own currency in a game that wasn’t designed around that idea from the ground up.

Hard no on the concept presented in the original post.


Well actually it does, because it puts a value on coins vs real money.

2400 cubits = X Dolars
X Coins = X Cubits.


So then you put more strain on an economy that already has not enough currency floating around as is at the moment due to the biggest income stream (footfall) being broken at the moment?


That is a balance issue and not what is proposed at all. Thats Dev’s decision to make if we could still farm oortstone and turn it into oortshards and at what rate etc.


Again your arguing balance, thats not the idea here. Thats a dev decision.


That’s not P2W. You are not spending real world money to gain in-game advantage. It’s using in game funds to buy cosmetics.


i am arguing economics not balance.


Balance issue or not. This game wasn’t designed to have it in mind. The concept is an overhaul of a system that doesn’t need it. We need footfall fixed. After that and the economy stabilizes is the time to be suggesting new currency generation and further development towards what’s in place. Not completely removing one system for another and taking up developer time to do so from actual real content and features that are new, such as Farming that they want to do in the next content patch.


Both of those things are a Dev decision tho, Only they can decide on how to make those work. The economics only comes after balance is established.


You keep arguing that creating you own currency is not what was suggested, it is exactly what you wrote in the OC.


Not everything there can and will be the same. I figured that was fairly obvious as its part of balance of the game, devs would never 100% take an idea without balancing it.

But I see your point, And I will clarify it.

Actually, So not to muddle up the votes. The current poll is now closed, The current scope is too wide and not the intended way to portray this.


Bad example if you include Standard, where people can farm maps forever at no consequence. I think League exchange for exalts is fairer and not as inflated because of the wipe after some time. Boundless would be more similar to Standard (permanent) mode, where the exchange rate for exalts is trash because everyone has a million cards, shards, shapers etc. to turn into vendor trash. They essentially just pump more currency into the game based on the amount of players and time they play, which in our case doesn’t get fixed by converting coin to oort. Current currency system is fine, but most people’s shop stand prices aren’t, imo. I’m one of the ones in the “wait and see” boat


I can agree on the shop prices thing and standard. Its pretty buggered. Thats why I made a tool to help people better estimate the value of their items before they count their times value. But thats a different topic.


I feel bad for the OP , looks like the whole thing backfired on him


I’m not sure why it’d need to change to oortshards. You can solve the other problems without doing so and the change of currency itself doesn’t seem to help. It doesn’t seem worth disrupting an established system. Some of the other ideas are useful, don’t get me wrong, I just don’t understand how the specific removal of coin would help or improve things.


I like the idea.

Would be nice to put more ‘coins (oort)’ into a system via typing vs carrying around shards to keep portals up.

And it sounds cool from a lore perspective. :slight_smile:

I am personally okay with the coins system though but thank you for sharing your idea :slight_smile:


I disagree prices are affected by the amount of coin in circulation. If i make thousands of coin a day, I am willing to pay more for an item than someone that earns less than 100. You effectively force the person that earns little footfall into a cycle of either ignoring the economy or struggling and competing with others to sell their goods to request baskets. So I am affected by someone making more especially if it is passive income requiring no more than keeping a beacon fueled.