Overhaul Currency System, Install Alternate. Please Read & Vote!

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That’s fine, in theory. The reality is that isn’t actually happening. Prices are lower than dirt right now. And it’s not because the “monied” players are broke. It’s because everyone else is.

And the reason is simple, anyone with that much money doesn’t really need to buy anything and there aren’t enough of them for it to matter.

That’s not the problem with the economy. The problem is that passive income isn’t working so there is not enough money going into the system

Besides, they already have their money. Nothing they do now will put that toothpaste back into the tube.


I will agree, you are not going to reduce the cash for players that already have millions, but I think if you spread income to more players you are more likely to create a bigger economy than if the income continues to benefit the few that have plots in the right places.

I would like a system that provides coin for effort. Reward the active players with enough coin that they can afford the more expensive items like forged tools without having to farm 20,000 rock and finding someone to buy it.

Edit I also agree with you it is having the larger percentage of the player base being broke that is having the most dramatic affect on the economy.


I just want to see footfall fixed and left in place for a month before anything else with the economy is done.

“Active” players are still eking out a living. It’s the “passive” players that really need that income back.

In addition, entirely too many of our builders and portal operators are spending far too much time earning money instead of actually playing the game.

I’ll agree with you, though, that some kind of daily feats or something would be a good addition, especially for beginning players who are “active” all the time, anyway.

“Active”: A player who wants to spend their time hunting and gathering.

“Passive”: A player who wants to spend their time crafting and building


The economy/coins is my fav part of the game. Its what makes this all different to the other million voxel builders out there. I love the business sim aspects. Please dont change them.


It’s weird to see people mention footfall isn’t fixed when it’s actually been fixed for the past 10 days :thinking:


I think an easy thing is to open up the trade interface to more than just coins, and go from there.


I dont agree with this definition. here is how I see it

“Active” A player who logs in and plays the game.

“Passive” A player who logs in for 10 mins a day for quick store maintenance, and collect the coin they made while offline. or is otherwise lazy and expects everything handled to him and/or her

Building is not passive as you are placing blocks and doing something, Now granted the act of placing blocks isn’t going to yield anything other then exp and prestige values in most cases, but why should it?

Then I type my vote here. No I do not support this change.


So basically keep everything the same as now except you skip the step of getting oort shards straight away instead if needing to buy them with coin.

What exactly will this solve?


I believe you are incorrect, as I recall the devs mentioning that they are addressing it in the next patch.
Nothing appears to have changed regarding the amount I’ve been receiving either.


Do you have any more info on this?


12 days ago:

Don’t remember seeing anything else/new after that.


Was unable to vote after 2 hours of opening this topic, but i would like this change.
A currency that player is able to generate by active means is what we need.
I see oort as teleportation fuel and for a race that frequently travels this way makes just sense to have this as a currency.


Devs, they don’t even notice the footfall change that happened about 10 days ago :joy::rofl:

You won’t be able to please these people.

“Footfall is broken it needs change! 24 days is to long”

Devs change it to 24 hours,

10 days pass

"“Footfall is broken it needs change! 24 days is to long”

Lol :joy::rofl: :smiley:


I like a lot of things in OPs suggestion.
Not to be sideways though, but wouldnt the exact same result occur if meteorites just dropped coin and portals were fueled with coin?

In both scenarios the other resource no longer exists, and the one that remains is used for both trade and travel, generated by the same means and farmed from hunts…


I dont generate enough to notice much difference. Opened some new portals and went up a settlement rank so assumed the slight increase ive seen was due to that.

Would be awesome if you could share whatever info you have instead of just laughing at people.


I’d like to see where you specifically saw them saying they actually fixed it. They said they are working on it and will try to have it out as soon as possible. But I haven’t noticed any change to my footfall. In fact if anything it’s dropped a little on my busy plot. And I own part of a road that’s in an ultima portal hub


Hard to see if its broken or not without tracking 24h to see who visit your beacon.

I get 1-2k a day. Been the same since launch for me. Noticed a increase when server restarts, but cant tell for today yet.


Is there any info around this or are we just assuming? Seems like an odd thing to forget in the patch notes considering how hot of a topic footfall/economy has been the last few weeks.

@james can you confirm if any changes were made?


But nothing actually changes with this, it doesn’t solve anything either, it only looks better theme wise.

Now you get oort from meteors you can turn into cash to warp around or buy other things with. Now you get cash from footfall and from buyers you can use to buy oort or other things with and warp around.

With this change you get oort from meteors you use as cash to buy things with and warp around. You get oort from footfall and from buyers you can buy other stuff with and warp around.

Nothing changes, doesn’t solve the economy, only makes buying and selling oort defunct…


How many times do people have to ask you where the devs said they changed it to 24 hours 10 days ago?

Doesn’t make any sense when 12 days ago they said they could not just do such a thing due to a large influx of cash as a result…