Paper, Printing Press & More!

Using paper to share information would be fantastic. Instead of having to make a bunch of signs.
Heres a few ideas

  • Seal it with wax to make it uneditable, show who wrote it.
  • Printing Press to make copies of paper for mass distribution.
  • Add a slot to signs that takes a paper, and uses whats written as the “read more” text.
  • Dispenser to dispense paper(or any item) just once per character

Could also lead to letters, mail, attachments, packages, etc.


ohh, yeah. You’d just hold it similar to an atlas to read it.

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I was pushing this at one point:

I still would love it and your idea of paper, printing press, etc would be awesome to help bring it around in a true sense.

I agree. The mail system shouldnt be linked to the defective chat system in the game. It should be its own system, with paper, and or envelops that can hold paper or coin for sales/goods that can be exchanged between players that dont play on the same time schedule.

-Envelops, act as a chest of sorts. Can open to reveal a paper and/or coin/products
-Paper, for letters…


Then they could add bookshelfs to store your journals or letters

Books would be great too. Although I don’t think adding images would work. It would require storing those images on a server. And those take up a lot of space. Then there’s issues with copyright and such. It be harder to police.

Maybe they can support more ascii characters. And people can make ascii art.

This game has a chat system…?

(Jk lol :joy:)