People should at least be told in flags who flagged their post in a PM

i’m getting flagged for no reason on this place. it might be slightly off topic but I’m getting flagged as inappropriate by someone else.i kinda want to be told about the person in PM

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no because then the person that was flagged could go after the flagger


That isn’t how the flagging system works. If your post was off-topic, that’s a valid reason to flag it. There doesn’t need to be any more to it than that, imo.


the player’s activity would be closely monitored and if they mention the person flagged in their next 5 posts, you would have a 5 hour timer on not being able to post

on another hand

I was just saying the post was getting a little dramatic and it got flagged for no reason

I agree you shouldn’t have been flagged for that. Ive seen other people do similar comments. They’re off topic but I don’t think worth a flag.

However I see why they don’t reveal the name of the flagger because people might go after them for flagging.

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I’d just let it go. :snowflake:



I commented popcorn in the same thread and didn’t get flagged.

Then again, if I got flagged off topic for popcorn I’d hardly be mad.

I love how his voice doesn’t match his body whatsoever

I didn’t flag Lunai’s but… Don’t worry, dk. I gotchu : )

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Where’s your post I’ll flag it so you feel like part of the group :crazy_face:


Perhaps we should instead foster a new behavior of contacting each other to kindly explain why we feel a flag is necessary. Then, when the person who was flagged goes to edit their comment, they know what they might do to remedy the comment. That leaves it up to the flagger to decide to be anonymous or not, and can do so at their own discretion.

For this to work, it would be best if the flagger can expect a degree of civility and mutual respect when contacting the person they flagged. If everyone reacts aggressively to light/constructive criticism over a flagged comment, nobody will ever want to disclose the reason for a flag.


Technically the system suggests you do that before flagging. Maybe people who flag regularly without ever PMing should lose flagging powers?


No maybe people who get flagged constantly should take a look at their flagged posts, that remain flagged after developer review, and maybe determine if there is a pattern in their flagged posts. Are they constantly off topic, combative, naming and shaming, etc…

Full disclosure I have not flagged a post in probably 3 months.


I don’t flag posts I have other people to do that for me…


welcome to the forum, if someone dislikes you or just doesn’t like it, what you say, call their friends and they put a flag on you, I’m used to it


Flagging is anonymous for good reason.
In these forums topics are often diverted far from topic which seems to be one reason why messages get flagged. To clear out I have only flagged some strange bot like message(s) :smiley:

I recommend reading this It has good tips such as don’t bump topics that you don’t like. I think posting popcorn messages is mean behavior that don’t give any value for topic.


Get forum mods, get rid of flags. Ideal world solution. Not going to happen so the complaints have little point.

I know two people who made it their mission to flag my posts for any reason possible a year back. Fortunately they are now both no longer playing. I am however fairly sure that players use it as a tool to target people they don’t like (not to mention good old trolls are in the forums too)

Edit: to stick to the OP and not go marginally off topic, nopr naming is a baaaad idea

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sometimes there are clear reasons for posts to be flagged and the op will know why but if I think the person is a maybe unaware of their possible infraction then I would (have only had to once recently) pm them with a reason why I flagged their post.
If you feel justified in flagging someone then you should at least let them know why otherwise maybe you have other motives.

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you should all be happy when your post get flagged

that way more people will read that post

no one can resist checking the flagged content :joy:


I mean, yeah the system suggests that, but nobody does it. I think we should encourage it and try to be more receptive to feedback ourselves as well.

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I want to flag you for rick-rolling us xD.

Edit: If we get microphone access in game, I will go to DK mall and blast this song 24/7 :smiley:

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