Persisting vs. teaching food


does it mean they are right?
following that logic, voting for Trump was an excellent choice

it simply looks people don’t like giving up on a certain level of efficiency; its resistance towards something that sounds like nerfing to some

also notice that a lot would really depend on how many hits the persisting pie would support in the proposed change

I don’t insist - people give their opinion, I give mine (didn’t insert much detail in the initial post, so just adding perspective that made me think about it). Anyways, I’m happy play whatever way it is - I don’t call for a revolt and don’t remember saying it MUST be changed OR ELSE.

Simply, counterarguments I got so far are not really that convincing to me. They sound a lot like the ones calling for bringing back bomb mining because it’s fun (which really means because it guaranteed easy acces to a lot of resources)


@Mayumichi I always enjoy seeing where people’s thoughts align on such different topics, some times wildly against and sometimes exactly in tune !

This is exactly how I view pies as well, unless I am leveling a new character then I look at hammers and teaching pie as my resource and not the rock/gem. Their exp becomes my resource.

Very cool!


But while the devs were making a change to the Teaching food, why didn’t they apply the same change on other foods? Logic would imply that they considered it and thought “nope”.


that’s exactly my question

and devs don’t have to be right and make good decisions all the time (we’ve actually seen them making really bad decisions many times: bomb mining, chisel xp outside beacons etc.)


The teaching pie change was a direct result of people being upset about the Stone exp change/nerf? Wasn’t it? I don’t recall exactly.

If that was the case then it would suggest to me they were thinking about one problem only in this regards but as we’ve never seen them mention it, at least I haven’t seen it but it’s not as if I see every post :joy:.


maybe its time for persisting and teaching brews so - we could eat persisting pie and drink teaching brews on top of that; or different way around :sunglasses:


I’m completely against this idea unless they also plan to reduce the mat cost of a persisting pie. Persisting pies are fine the way they are. With this logic we should make speed potions drain based on each move our characters make. Strength potions drain based on how much extra strength we use to break a block. Health regen potions drain only when they tick when health is lost. Everything doesn’t have to work the same.

You’re also driving up the price of persisting pies, putting established players further ahead of non established players. Persisting pies are what made our first tools last longer with our limited coin used to buy our first tools. As an established player its very easy for me to either forge my own tools or make/buy more pies.


I used to pay 900c for my pies, now you can buy them for 300c. That’s cheaper than making it from bought mats themselves.

Why did the community devalue it so much? Too many bakers? Larger supply? Used less?(doubtful but may as well ask it to be thorough)


Uniformity for the sake of uniformity? No reason to change it since it isn’t behaving in a way the dev’s didn’t expect.

Edit: not saying its not an interesting idea @boundmore, but its more of an OCD thing rather than something really driving the change.


its a matter of balance

if its 3000 hits, one persisting pie would last longer than half an hour
if its 500 we would be buying more of them (but at least each one of them would give us exactly same effect for every activity and type of tool)


But isn’t it? Do you not agree that it could be part of the aoe resource gathering problem that the devs are actively trying to find ways to slow us down on?


maybe simply not much thought was given to it?

its sure a funny type of food if I can only apply it efficiently to one tool/activity, but not to another
maybe it should be called speed farming persisting food ?


I don’t see an issue with AoE gathering, but I spent nearly 1k hours in EA mining without it and never want to go back.


I think prices shifted so much for a number of reasons. It became hard to consistently find good prices without fear of being ripped off so a lot of people became self sufficient. Player count decreased from the initial surge. Footfall was broken to begin with so some people had a lot more money than they should have early on. Surface resources respawn rate was buffed and so on


You know I never thought I’d say this. But a lot of these changes a few people want and I wouldn’t be surprised if they get it, would actually make me close up shop break down all but one of my builds and give perms to my 1 consolidated location to my guild members till my GC is up and never look at this game again.

We need more content before more changes/nerfs/removal of things. We also don’t need more grind in this game.

Well if I actually had a way to tell you how many hits I do in a half hour I would tell you. But my go to is either max speed diamond hammers/shovels with speed brew or max speed sapphire hammers/shovels with strength brew and max control on my character and corresponding hammer/shovel skills depending on the activity. But I can tell you that I general break rock or soil/growth faster than the game can show me.


These are clear issues with the game. Devs have said as much. Why does the community not want to work together to find ways to fix this??

I don’t understand that mindset.

The devs have shown they are very capable of working in multiple things at once and delivering us a good results.


I use it with trees, dirt and normal mining. Thats a good 60% of activities there. I was using it to hunt…but I don’t hunt anymore and I use teaching pies to build.


3000 hits is nothing. I would burn my pie down in less than 10 mins. 500 hits would be a waste of money. Busy bee, dexterity, and speed brews are in the game for a reason. There are other foods for other activities/playstyles.


I’d say it’s not really good to make assumptions but I do it some times too soo.

Also out of curiosity what do you use persisting pies for? Only thing I’ve ever thought of using them for(even before I had aoe tools) was against wood, stone, and soil. Hunting is shielding pie so I take less damage. Persisting pie will just vanish if I die so it’d be a huge waste.


i was refering to no speed brew basic stats

I can break 1000 blocks with diamond no speed brew, obviously faster hammer and speed brews can up it to 10k but thats not the point.

In general I always thought that tools allowing gathering of thousands of gems in one hour are not good for economy, regen efficiency etc.

This game could do with a bit of slowing down the mining pace (MY OPINION ONLY).