Persisting vs. teaching food

Make them work the same way? Not based on time, but on fixed amount of stat they support.

Teaching food was changed from time limit to guaranteed amount of xp that gets a bonus (example: teaching pie doubles xp over 70k xp, while before it would give the bonus for half an hour).

Persisting food could change from time limit to guaranteed amount of hits that cause less durability loss (example: persisting pie would give 40% reduction of durability loss for 1000 hits, instead of 40% reduction over half an hour).


Well 45min if max zeal. But why do you want this change? I feel it’s good as is.

If anything it’d be nice if they stacked

Also seems like a lot of unhappy people on the forums lately.


Gonna be honest, I don’t mind the way Persisting pies works, currently.
I use strength potions with them, and it basically is a countdown to how long before I teleport back to my home to put all the things I collected in my storage.


I’ve had discussion with a couple of players around the pros and cons of persisting pie going the same way as teaching pie. If you have a tool with busy bee or even a regular topaz tool for instance, add in speed brew/action speed skills. over course of the half hour current use you’d use the pie in under half hour easily with a farming session. Possibly with even a diamond tool action speed and a speed brew you could do 1k hits in under 30 minutes. Seen some farmers out there with minigun tools, a fixed hit pie would burn way too fast I think for it to be viable to make a change without annoying a lot of people.


Use it the same way. Plus if I need to step away because of RL I just go to sanctum and the timer pauses for me in wait of my return.

Also I think this is the first time I’ve agreed with you :sweat_smile:

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look at hunting and gathering (not the farms, the actual surface gathering/exploring) - you spend some time moving between spots, and persisting food is just wasted then; compare it to when its used in farms or when strip mining and you will see that eating persisting food is not efficient the same way for every activity

teaching food was the same before change would make you try to do something really top xp to maximize the outcome - it was changed so we are not forced to do high xp activities when using teaching food; if one type was changed to be even for all activities, why not the other?

persisting food could be the same so it has same efficiency whatever you do - it would always save you durability over the same number of hits so you feel free to stop your activity and maybe talk to someone or simply have freedom of changing your plans and moving away from what you are currently doing, without losing the persisting effect over time

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Maybe they could add Augments for tools, then.
Augments work like the teaching pie in that regard, right?

I’d rather have that than seeing a change to what currently exist and with which I’m fine.


Yea this is actually the first time I’ve ever heard someone being upset with how they work. And I would put good money on the teaching pies changed more because of the “exploit”

I am not upset at all. I wasn’t upset about the teaching food before change. It was a surprise for me it was changed.

It’s just they work in a similar way and now persisting is in disadvantage comparing to teaching.

I’m talking logic here. Make both either work over time or over use volume. That’s what make sense from where I look at it.

What improvement would this change bring?

its not about improving for me as much as about logic

with teaching food you can eat and do whatever you want, even little xp activities, as the buff will stay there for 70k xp

with persisting, you eat and need to maximize your outcome over limited time, so this food is not made even for all activities (teaching food was the same before change, and it was changed to something that evens out playing field for teaching food users; in case of persisting food it remained the same - good for some activities and bad for other)

so - again: make them the same (I dont care if its “worse” or “better” - it just, for me, it doesn’t seem to make sense to have them work the same way first and then changing only one of them).

Should it be as efficient for every activity? I mean, when surface gathering, every strike of your tool should be yielding valuable resources, while when mining, a vast majority of your durability is used on clearing junk out of the way. There are lots of ways to think about efficiency, and while time-based pies are not as efficient in terms of raw durability saved/time for surface gathering, they are exactly as efficient when you think about it as % durability saved/time. The main difference is that gathering is sooo much more durability efficient than mining already. This change would make persisting much better for gathering where you don’t really need them, and worse for mining where the high durability cost/time makes them valuable.

Okay and what about the other pies then? And all the Time limited brews?

Teaching Pies were changed for a specific reason no need to change everything.

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Do you read what we write?
FireAngelDth just explained that the Teaching pie was most likely changed to avoid a way to gain ridiculously high amounts of XP.
Summer also explained that the Persisting pie, if changed like you’re suggesting, would become useless for all the good players who use things to power-through mining with speed brews and action speed and all that, meaning for them, the Persisting pie buff would disappear in a few minutes.

You’re not applying logic at all. You’re just advocating for things to work the same way even if it’s not an improvement at all.

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Well with the current pie, faster tools get more out of the it. It’s not equal. Basically the faster you can use a tool/weapon, the more efficient a pie is.

I can say that before the xp pie change I rarely used one. Now I have one active 90% of the time. The same goes with persisting pie, I’ve never eaten one because every moment not spent hammering/slinging away is wasted pie time.

But since the foods don’t stack I’d probably still use teaching rather than persisting :woman_shrugging:


speed, strength, armor etc. brews - they give you specific attribute that you use in that specific moment; you dont use strength or speed to build or craft; they have narrow use by definition - the same way attributes have specific use; same for shielding or floating food etc.

teaching and persisting foods support many kind of activities and at first they were made to work over time, so both forced players to maximize its use over given time (you wouldn’t go mining mud after eating teaching pie)

then teaching food was changed and you can be relaxed about what you do after eating any of them, because you get fixed amount of xp from it (its only a matter how fast you get it, but you will get it even if you mine mud)

persisting food remained the same, still forces you to do specific things - some tools and activities performed with them are simply excluded from using persisting food, because of lack of efficiency (like gathering boulders, fungi and plants or even meteorite hunting as you can finish meteorite in 5 minutes and then you might need 10 minutes before you get next one)

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thats lack of logic

Maybe not to craft, but to build, I’d have to disagree. If you try to build on a T6 world, you’ll be happy to have buffs.

Speaking of lack of logic, why would you insist with this suggestion when almost everyone else is telling you it’s a bad idea? ^^


This is actually a really fantastic way to combat the massive tearing down of planets! Something the devs are clearly trying to find new ways to slow us down via the testing and data farming of exo planets.

Just like footfall however, those who don’t acknowledge there is a problem currently with aoe hammers wont be on board with fixing the problem.

I like this idea a lot (and I’m a miner/gatherer primary so this directly impacts me)