Persisting vs. teaching food


My wife wants to make food. I just used to calculate a cost of just over 200c per pie to make, using the cheapest bulk prices on BTN, and it only allows to calculate on raw prices, so it’s probably even cheaper if you buy nails rather than iron ore etc.

Slightly off topic and a bit slow, I know, but this topic is moving WAY too fast!


mining only, because of the way it works; and only if I can mine large areas withoutr navigating lava etc. so there is no time wasted

and thats exactly my point - whenever I want to do something (even mining) that requires time-consuming actions other than actual use of tools, I have to think twice before eating persisting food

I wouldn’t mind eating persisting food when chiseling bigger builds - when there is no 1000 blocks in line to chisel quickly; so I can patiently move around walls, corners, climb roof and get to all difficult spots I want to chisel.

I wouldn’t mind to save my shovel when gathering epic in use and trying to get the high tier worlds fungi/boulders/plants.


Opinion only! Very good qualifier. These aren’t demanded changes after all, just suggestions for community discourse.

Personally because of how much resources we get already, I don’t even use persist pies much any more. I have like 2k I think squirreled away. I use exp pies to generate more cubits and skills post 50 when mining. You can ding levels quite quickly with a speed brew post 50 on t6.

That involves me forging t7 or higher durability on my gear and investing 5 pints in to the epic skill. For me, persisting pies just hold no value so if it were changed it wouldn’t really impact me regardless simply because I prioritize something else.

However with 3600 dura hammers, 30% dura epic, + persist pies… this impacts a lot of things. Not just how many resources are farmed but also how much turnover there is in gear.

That’s just how I look at it, this isn’t a demand for change. It’s merely a suggestion to help a broader problem.


A simple solution to this would be to make a separate recipe for people who want the pie to only tick on hit. Hell, just make an augment version. But I’d prefer to keep my pie/brew timers lined up unless they want to change gathering gameplay completely.

It’s a mindless grind. A way to slow down mining is to give some type of reward for slowing down mining. For example, some type of loot for breaking some new seam with a new tool. Something you would miss if you just smash through like we currently do.


In general, I’d say players who struggle to buy top tier tools on daily basis, would use persisting foods over teaching foods, to safe the precious tools they save coins for. XP will always come sooner or later, while coins are more difficult to make for some players (the amount of new players that struggle to find a way to provide a steady flow of cash!!)

If you swim in coins, and have plenty top tools available, you might think teaching food is better, as it makes you progress faster towards skill pages, more cubits etc.

So, try to see different players perspective, not just top 200lvl guys who know how to maximize use of foods/brews/skills/tools.


While mining, you wait for nothing. You can eat the pie and start away. While crafting, there’s a significant waiting time. I know you can queue stuff then leave and come back when they’re done but after that the pie is useless. Plus it was being abused. How would you abuse a persisting pie? They don’t all need to be the same. We have a bunch of other pies that work on a timed basis. Can’t limit energising pie by number of recharges or floating pie by number of falls. Might as well not mend what’s not broken. But then what’s broken or not is subjective so yeah. All i am saying (not in this post only but in many other posts) is that maybe we can just start working on new stuff rather than continuously try to micro-tweak what we have. Let’s face it we will never attain 100% satisfaction with everything for everyone in the game.


of course not - but I’m glad there is a good (if sometime slightly too narrow-perspective and too passionately defensive) discusion here


thanks for spotting that

I felt at some point that the suggestion I made and the following arguments were seen as some kind of I AM ALWAYS RIGHT rant. :rofl:


You know there’s way too many assumptions on this forum lately. Never once did I say there aren’t problems with the game. Personally I’d rather see more content added that brings in more players and more suggestions on how to get new players in before oh Footfall this, that persons build is ugly and obstructing my view, I don’t like this, I don’t like that, lot of I’s lately. Lot of complaining instead of enjoying the things one does like in the game. I miss the days when people focused on the little things that made them happy instead of focusing on the little things that make them upset and bitter.

And after typing that out, I’ve realized I need a break from this community. I’m just going to do me and help my guild mates and not worry about anything or anyone else.


I seldom have the heart or the time to read and reply to posts suggesting changes but sometimes i think jumping in with what i see might improve the outcome… Mighhht :joy:


Amongst players? yes.
from a developers standpoint? No.

The devs have acknowledged footfall is problematic. They have acknowledged the way we consume world resources is much higher than intended.

The devs certainly feel there are issues, so if there’s going to be changes ever, is it better we discuss these things so we can attempt to help a smoother transition to a new system?

As it stands the devs seem skittish to touch existing things because the uproar we as a community tend to have. After all we very much like the status quo.

I think they could easily handle these things while providing us new content (farming has been worked in for some time honestly).


Well I am always right, except when I’m wrong. But those are the only times when I’m not right.


People need to not take things as a personal affront.

It seems that when there is a suggestion to address a perceived or dev stated problem, the community takes it as an attack on their playstyle. Boundless is like every other MMO. There are things that need to be addressed and will in time. The difference is the devs allow us to provide input and ideas where in a triple A mmo you would not get this opportunity. In those games you just have to take the changes and suck it up with no real input allowed.


Big no.

Also, without reading this entire wall of text, teaching pies were nerfed cause of mass craft, logout etc. We’ve got to stop nerfing all the good things.

However, I am all for a new food that does what OP suggested.


Definitely an epic skill lol.

Sorry off topic.

To be on topic though I can see positives and negatives to both camps.

I feel a separate persisting food would be an easy solution to appease both sides however at this point in time I don’t feel it’s really necessary.

Just my opinion though


I think people just have time to think about these smaller things while waiting for more content. No testing this week :frowning:


Theory crafting is the key to pushing limits . And that’s what sandbox games are best for.


Piggybacking on your post,

We definitely have people like this on both sides of the spectrum. People can also be very defensive about their ideas, especially when they are invested in them. Some take their defensiveness way to far. There are a few people on the forums I avoid because its not a discussion when it comes to their ideas. They seem to be after blind acceptance or see any diasagreement as a personal attack. Its got to be a hard way to live.

In reality, people are getting defensive over nothing. The only people someone needs to like their ideas are the developers. The only reason I toss in my 2c anymore is to make sure our dev’s get a bunch of different opinions and get a better pulse on the playerbase. The more opions and ideas they get, the better.

TL:DR Bring on your opinions! And chill while enjoying boundless.


But that’s the thing, the game has had way too many changes and nerfs to existing systems. Time to concentrate on new stuff for a while!


Did the devs say there are clear issues with persisting pies?? I don’t think so. I also can’t remember they stated that AoE tools are a problem they want to solve…

Besides, lately I don’t always use a persisting pie anymore for quite a few activities, I rather pop a starberry pie and never stop to catch my breath!

We now have more choices. If people want to be frugal they take the waiting for energy regen and a persisting pie, if you don’t need to be frugal you go with a starberry pie and get more tools instead…

I feel exactly the same way. All these suggested nerfs and changes for so called problems that I do not see. If they are ever implemented I’m out and all the people asking for these nerfs and changes will have to make do with 50 concurrent players or less on a daily basis… But like I said a while back, perhaps that is what they want, who knows!