Persisting vs. teaching food


Someone’s trying to nerf our pies!!!


James made me post that suggestion to fish out what people would think - they were afraid to get all the anger directed on them. I am their safety buffer.


Yeah, like i said I’m already irritated and I don’t want this to start seeming personal. To be fair this is probably one of the less ridiculous conversations going on right now about game mechanics.

However This statement applies just as well to gathering as it does to mining, logging, etc…

I can’t even take this too seriously with the numbers you’re discussing. Let’s start talking about 10k swings
(moderate nerf). Maybe 12.5k (hardly any nerf but now counting uses instead of time).

Then later on we can have conversations about how much persisting food is wasted because you don’t ever gather that many items and you wind up wasting the buff later just to rebuff for another activity. This is what happens to me with teaching pies now.

Or maybe you just have a gatherer alt and he uses one pie for month or two. That’s fine.

Not every buff is appropriate for every activity. This is good. I don’t know, maybe if someone is bored we could have a thread about making focus brews useful for crafters?

I’m sorry but in my opinion there’s not a lot of value to what you’re asking for. Sorry for any attitude it’s not intended as a personal affront. The video is here to demonstrate how incredibly far the numbers you’re asking for are from an appropriate use of these items.

Part of being effective is using items appropriately.

I’m not sure if this is a joke.

EDIT I just changed a couple of numbers to reflect “swings” rather than “rocks” because I was thinking in terms of output units. apologies.


no worries - no one’s response here I take personally and part of suggesting something is to find out what other players know about the game

and as I said before I’m not mad about my suggestion and don’t think it’s brilliant or that it would make the game better

last part was a joke lol


See I know I said I was done with the forums for a while and I will after this.

This right here.

Why would you suggest something you yourself don’t think would make the game better? Like what’s the point of “hey let me throw out this suggestion of change that is not better for the game”


I did think it might be better.

I think the idea is interesting enough but I was more like thinking out loud: why the 2 similar foods are not in line if it comes to the way they work - whats wrong about that? I simply don’t think I am always right. Some of the arguments of other players convinced me it is ok (ish) the way it is.

It was also interesting to see what other people see and how they perceive the feature.


looks at my pie shop, cries


Indeed! Let’s grab our pitchforks and demand that teaching pies are brought back in line with ALL the other foods and brews! Then we only need to change one item, not all of them!

I know you only suggested doing persisting but sjeesh, if they gonna do it to persisting why not criticaling too per swing/use/whatever? Or the starberry, change it to a set max of energy that it can regen, or shielding let’s change that to a max number of damage it stops once it reaches zero boom, byebye buff, etc., etc.


This is an example of someone wanting to change gameplay mechanics to suit their personal preferences and I do not support it. There is no reason to wildly nerf persisting pies for the flimsy argument that surface gathering does not get great use out of it. Surface gather tools are literally 10 to 12 times cheaper than high-end mining tools you can even gather on the cheap on a T7 EXO with IRON tools.



I made it clear I am not unhappy (as suggested earlier) with current mechanics - I was merely sharing thoughts I had when comparing two similar types of food that work differently and wondering whats the reason behind it.

There was a lot of good talk here that I learnt a lot from.
And a lot of personal stick I got (I am supposedly unhappy with game mechanics, wanting change to suit my personal preferences, and it was also suggested making the suggestion was pointless).
Therefore I apologize if my thinking offended some people’s intelligence. Not everyone is a genius, you know.

Thank you for all the constructive talk, and I hold a mirror for those who change topic to comment on my attitude that you know nothing about (and some of you complain about this community and need to take a break from it - maybe you also add to what you don’t like about it).
I ain’t no saint and I had those moments too, when other people suggested things, so lesson for me as well.
Hopefully for everyone.



The reason is pretty darn simple:
They implemented all the foods like they feel is the right way but Teaching food could be used to level way too quickly so they changed ONLY the one that was problematic.

Why would they then go and change all the other foods that have no issues whatsoever?


Wait, teaching pies got nerfed? When did this happen?


Same time the rock xp got changed. Actually it seemed like more people liked the change to the teaching pies over people who said it was a nerf.