Phoenix Mall (formerly Duskmoor Mall) - a BIG Thank You!

We have all kinds of flea markets here in Ohio. The things you can find are amazing. One I go to has a regular pig roast every time its open.


My response was to the OP and not to you. But it is interesting that you felt the need to say it looked unfinished and then also felt the need to say what inspired them did not seem to be accurately reflected in their build. Of course some might surmise since you run your own mall you probably are not unbiased in your opinion. But in the end why criticize it at all? Unless someone is soliciting feedback on a build, how does criticizing another players build make the community a better place?


Did I miss something? Where did Sho say it was inspired by markets as Barras?

If fyreblade made this and was inspired by it then that is both news to me since it isn’t mentioned in this thread…

Again tho, I didn’t mean anything by it, it’s just a feeling I always get when I visit it!

And as for finding things interesting, no one else but me talked about the looks so yeah it seems pretty obvious who you were talking about which I find interesting …

I wasn’t, please read…

I didn’t, and let’s face it, this reply of yours is not helping make the community a better place in any way either, so why do it?

Hey look over there! A flea market festival MALL



Those fleas sure have been gentrified! :grin:


I am really glad Duskmor got bombed.

Few Cities in this game have “History” and I mean more than time. Phoenix is such a great name to rebrand yourselves and the fact it got bombed and now rebuilt, it has more depth and legitimacy and story and “History” than most other cities. It is an Icon for the community to behold that represents your perseverance and community support. It also show that there is a risk of anybody doing harm, but that doesn’t mean it will completely ruin things for everyone. It take a good leader to build a City, but it take a Great Leader to be steadfast in the face of adversity!

Props to @Sho and the members of Phoenix!


@cagian Have you got any pics of Paddy’s Market? Now there was a ‘flea’ market if ever there was one…:joy:



What an absolute ■■■■ hole that place was. :joy:


BTW everyone and especially @Sho I want to clarify something.

I didn’t mean to sound like I was spouting critique at all!

It’s just really simple, when I first went to that mall I expected one like any other and once I saw it, the first thought that went thru my head was “huh, they haven’t finished it yet!” and later I got that it was meant this way.

Since then every time I go there, well not everytime, but sometimes I still think to myself jokingly “nope, still not finished” so when I saw this thread it was the thing that popped into my head.

Apologies if I hurt anyone’s feelings.


I apologise to you for any misunderstanding on my part, AeneaGames. Expression is so hard to convey on a keyboard. :+1:


@AeneaGames Absolutely no worries at all :grinning:

I need to hear all opinions; just because I look at something a certain way definitely does not make it correct.


@Sho I truly appreciate how well you handled the situation and how amazing you reacted when we changed our name and formed a new guild!

Your mall is a GORGEOUS and easy place to shop! Always my first stop for anything I need!

I have the utmost confidence that even though our beloved city was damaged, that you will still thrive greatly with your positive attitude, your insanely fast attention to those looking for a shop, and your generous heart!

So, thank you Gunshow. For everything you have done and will do!


Come see my no walls hall guild door.

Martok approved

Sounds like typical american town.

I prefer fried butter.

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FRIED PICKLES!!! (Sentence?)


Keep the petty squabbles off the forums.

Also, the Ye Phoenix Rising mall is a great place for buyers and sellers… definitely a great place to do commerce!!! Shogun is really super helping new shop owners get in the door. So what ya waiting for?

Seems I missed the drama, but i absolutely love the new name!

If yah need pre-pre Duskmoor history when it was BL, shoot me a PM, story goes all the way to Early Access.