Phoenix Mall (formerly Duskmoor Mall) - a BIG Thank You!

Lol 10 charamaters.

I remember my 1x2 portal to polis on the raised portal hub area over looking town. Running to gleampunk for gleam.

And the secret shop behind the portals.

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I’ve had just about enough of this whole debacle. If you cannot let it rest… all of you… You’re going to leave me no recourse but to recommend forums bans.

I’m moving all of the posts with flagrant disregard for the CoC out of this thread and into the bin.
Keep it off the forums.

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Ohhh those markets look fun! The photos make me want to be there!

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Is this the mall owner, or does it have anything to do with the mall at all? Or are you just bringing grief to random forum threads now?


No it has nothing to do with the mall as fas as I know. I as stated it deals with a person or group of people intentionally running a large road to connect to huge prestige areas. Unfortunately, it was a mistake of me grabbing the wrong thread and posting. I should have been more careful and definitely apologize for that.

In regards to the rest of your comment my friend - please don’t try to put me on some naughty list. The person or people you should focus the grief statement on are those that run 3 wide roads or call people names in these forums. It is very clear what they are trying to achieve in both situations.

Second, like any other human I have good and bad days. Yesterday wasn’t fun across a gambit of things in my life and I hastily decided in a bit too hostile way to share my major frustration, disappointment, and utter disgust in how some people choose to play this game and communicate in this forum with the drama they create or fighting for no reason. My focus on those toxic behaviors caught me up in communicating that way which I’m not thrilled about and apologize to those that know I try to communicate in a cleaner nature.


Hey… what’s wrong with being Naughty? Lol… sorry… couldn’t help it.


Good point. I should have stated it better - “the toxic naughty list”. No offense meant to illuminaughty or certain others. :slight_smile:

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I know… I was only playing with you. :blush: