Phoenix Mall (formerly Duskmoor Mall) - a BIG Thank You!

As many of you are aware, the former city of Duskmoor (now named Phoenix Rising) was turned upon by two of it’s former councilors. Much was destroyed, stolen, regen-bombed, etc.

Out of the chaos and devastation, however, we saw an incredible show of support from you, the Boundless Community! In my several decades of gaming, I have never seen such a display of selflessness and camaraderie you all have shown…from the bottom of my heart, let me say “Thank You!” and say how humbled I am to be part of such a wonderful family!

Phoenix Mall (formerly Duskmoor Mall) is 100% operational including on-going portal upkeep and available shop plots.

Thanks again for all you guys do and are as people!

-General Shogun
Discord - @General Shogun#5478


Yes the community is showing how great it is (after this dishonorable attack) coming together to help our friends on Pheminorum! God Bless you all!

Alright, good luck! Now finish the mall! :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry, when I am there I always wonder when the walls are gonna be added!


I thought it was officially named a “no walls mall”?

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Used to be called Duskmoor “No Walls” Mall, now just Phoenix Mall (but we still require no walls around shops)

I’ll get the sign at Coinland changed tomorrow!


Just change the rules that they need to build a market stall or somesuch, markets have no walls either :wink:

Tbh I find it looks a but messy besides looking unfinished but that could just be me!

cagian - thank so much

Aenea - I appreciate the suggestions. I’ll give it a serious look

The Mall looks exactly as a market should look. It’s reminiscent of a market we have here in Scotland called The Barras, based in Glasgow. Looks really authentic. :+1:


That’s one opinion I suppose :wink:

Yep, spitting image indeed!

Couldn’t resist! :slight_smile:

Have to say tho there the little stalls have a roof over it which is not the case at the Phoenix Mall. In Barras you can also clearly see they are stalls with a divider.

To be fair that is how many markets in the Netherlands look too, but those are always temporary ones, ie. once or twice a week. There are, however, also markets that are permanent where the little stalls are bigger and more lavish.

I didn’t say it was a replica of The Barras. I said “reminiscent” just to be clear. As for “it’s exactly what a market should look like” that, is indeed my personal opinion. However, there are parts of The Barras that are open and without division. It’s not all like those pictures. Some stalls actually lay their items on the ground, like a jumble. Some have divisions and some are just…well…dodgy. lol. :wink:


Since its your mall, your opinion is the one that matters. If you are happy with it and the players with stands there are happy with it, then what difference does it make what other players think?


Sounds like every other American Flea Market I’ve ever been to. It’s always odd to me how few folks here in the states have actually been to a Flea Market.


What Evergreen said. We call them flea markets (& festivals, market/trade days, street vendors, etc - it just depends). You can find some really good deals & great food at these places :+1:
I’ve never come across someone that hasn’t been to a flea market or set up at one. Good stuff.




wow really? I definitely feel like it’s a southern thing. I’ve been around the midwest and north and people act like they’ve never heard of such a thing. (i’ve never been to a flea market, i just grew up around a lot of them, in the south)

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I’ve found some great deals on old video games, collectible items, outside decor, etc at them. I love them. Kinda like a bunch of garage sales all in one area. I guess I am just used to them because SA & H-town have a bunch and Austin will literally shut down the downtown area for a huge one. Some are big with air-conditioned buildings that have computer repair shops, auto body repair, restaurants, and everything lol. I prefer the little pop-up tent ones.

I am near the Junk Gypsies - they have their own TV show. They started out selling at the little tradedays markets.:open_mouth: I’m not really into antiques, but it’s fun to look at everything. Some folks even had some phone booths from Europe shipped over to sell them - I can’t believe that’s cost-effective lol

I’d assume the northern states would at least have farmer’s markets or festival markets?

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Yea lots of farmers markets(we just got back from one with some locally made apple and honey jam) and festivals, I guess I just never equated them with flea markets. TIL.


No one ever implied otherwise tho…