"Pixel Storm" event suggestion

I have a suggestion about group content event, something like the Titans but on a much smaller scale that could possibly be completed in under 30 minutes maybe.

Each planet will have designated locations where a “Pixel Storm” will form, its a localized weather phenomenon (maybe swirling sand storm) that players can see from afar. The storm will not dissipate unless the event was completed. The storm should form on a probability basis based on a timer. Servers can inform all players that such a storm has formed on which planet, then it is up to the players to find the storm.

Inside the eye of the storm, a swarm of mobs lie in wait for unsuspecting explorers to enter where they will ambush the unsuspecting explorer/s. The mobs will appear from the storm in waves, final wave being a tough boss mob (you may include specific boss kill mechanics if desired, otherwise it would be more of a DPS vs HP kind of thing). A chest of loot will spawn after the storm clears where everyone involved will be rewarded with a random item (with chances of a rare item, even non rare items should be somewhat useful to a player, and all items should not be craftable).


You should have a look at the latest post from James.



I did, and that is why I posted this under suggestion to make it something a little more than just swarming in on a town. This would be more static and localized in an area. The mob will not move out of the area to swarm anyone, plus loot for all involved. This would be more of an event that happens selectively in a location on a planet (out of several pre determined locations).

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Not sure where the difference is in what we are proposing.

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Uhm… Let just say that I in no way shooting down what you guys are proposing. Its awesome!!! And is a great addition to the current game.

What I am suggesting is in addition to that. Or maybe I have the wrong idea of what you guys are proposing. The image I have of what you guys are proposing is like you spawn massive number of mobs which will then proceed towards a settlement to invade (like what was shown in the most recent video by Scratchnwiff).

The difference with my suggestion is that this event will be like a “event lake”, will stay within a particular designated area, and not moving out of it. The signal for event will be like a storm, maybe the perimeter will be marked by swirling sand storm. This event may not happen at the same location every time, but will happen randomly within a pool of predetermined location. Mobs, will not wander out of the area or be pulled out of the prescribed area.

At the end of the event (effectively after killing the boss), everyone present will have access to a chest at the location that will contain uncraftable loot and in some cases will be rare loot.

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This is in line with our vision of the system :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey, cosmic-viewable weather events will be very cool feature! Epic thunders as @ian developed, huragans and sandstorms :heart_eyes:

But firstly return gone clouds back for us!