The Perfect Storm - Thunder & Lightning!

We’ve been working on some gameplay features recently that we can’t wait to tell you about … soon :wink:
One feature that was a by-product of the work we were doing was a cool new weather effect.

Very soon in Oort you can get caught in a Thunderstorm!!!

I’ve recorded a full storm playing out in real-time on Palckn here:
It shows the first pitter patter of rain drops through the emerging dark sky, up till the quiet chirping of (soaking wet) crickets drying out in the middle of the night.

Too long to watch? I’ve also made a few gifs :wink:


Oh damn, lighting up the droplets too!

The sounds are fantastic, too



The effects looks so damn cool, but the sound just feels so weak, like a small drum being hit. would love for it to be something you get a chock when you hear it kinda like real life.

basically it have a lack of bass.

here is a good example on how i would personally like it to sound


…but haaang on; a gameplay feature that’s related to the weather somehow?! Now I’m extremely curious :slight_smile:

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It looks sooooooo good!!!
I love that the rain lights up,and the ground too.
But I have to say, I think it would be better if the lightning and the thunder was separate instead of at the same time, just like in real life. I think it will make the game seem little more realistic. Great job!!!

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@Zouls I would say if the sound were a bit deeper and longer (or just slower) and there were some background grumbling it would be much better.
More bass might help too.

But the visuals are just stunning. Especially if you turn away from the storm.

@G_Sage The sound and visuals are not at the same time. They are just relatively close together because the lightning is so near.


You sure? We don’t have any other evidence that that’s the case. In real life yes true,but in game I’ll have to see more to be certain.

You have a 5 min video obviously based on the real world way of doing stuff, it seems perfectly logical.

Well of course,I’m just basing my evidence on what I see and hear,so unless @ian has some other material to provide,KuroKuma’s theory would be wrong.If you want me to farther explain,just say so.

Like said in the comments on the video: […] it is impressive! … hope the lightnings will also kill someone if hit. Would be good to let it strike in higher objects only, so that the risks can be minimised if reacted smart :wink:

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It’s not a theory. I watched the video, noticed the delay between actual lightning and the thunder, told you how it is.
Watch the video again if you didn’t notice the delay.

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Your right there is a slight delay,I should have phrased it a pit differently. What I meant to say is,I wish the thunder and lightning were close sometimes, and at other times, further away. But every time there was lightning there was thunder, I would like to change that.

Well to be fair, you rarely see a lightning without a thunder following it. But yes varying delays would be good.

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Yes of course, but in a real thunderstorm where I live, you see lightning and then about 30 seconds you heart hunder. And I love the way it’s done in game,but a variation of “lightning to thunder ratio” would be very nice.

but if you see and hear it then the ratio is 1:1