Pixelart contest ends Monday! Remember it’s just for fun - and all participants will get 50k!

2x2 to 4x4
4x5 and up

Tentative prizes:
1 million first place
750k second place
500k third place
Several 100k honorable mentions
50k for everyone who participated :blush:
Leftover coin will go to other sub prizes for creativity, nice plazas (little floors and gardens in front of pixelarts), and probably a spinner wheel raffle for participants!
Portals now opening at DKMall lobby and TNT contests area.

The contest area is a long pair of east-west roads on Kada. Let’s surround them with pixelart! Pixelart can be whatever you think looks cool! It can be a rainbow wall or a wall with cool chiselwork too, everyone is invited!

I have plot protection on just to remind people to leave some viewing space between their builds and the road, I’ll periodically permission people to build plazas/floors connecting to the road if they want

I think it would look cool to have some grouped entries. That is, if you are making a Mario character, try to find other people doing Mario stuff and build near each other! Maybe a few people could build FF6 characters in a row, battling some FF6 monsters, with “health bars” and names in a blue box at the bottom of the screen.

Art doesn’t have to be just characters, it can also be items (Phoenix down, 1up shroom) and blocks (POW block, ? Block) and scenery (bushes and clouds and pipes)

Bonus points for nice scenes involving multiple pixelarts - either in a group, or build a few pixelarts yourself in a cluster.

Helpful color finder tool for mats:

Let me know if you’d be willing to chip in some coin to increase prizes!

Current prize pool:
1 million from DK
1 million from Marcello
500k from Aenea
500k from Ginabean
500k from Jacey
500k from Jaidic
500k from Nexton
500k from TNT
250k from Powerman
100k from Cuzzea
25k from Lunai
Any forged item from Vegapunk’s Forge (Cuetz)

Contest ends early July

You may build as many entries as you want! Hopefully this can be a giant pixelart village!

Some ways you can help even if you don’t want to do pixelart:

  1. set up a pop up shop at the contest selling multiple colors of gleam, sand and dirt

  2. help me chisel roads

  3. spread the word!


I’ll be AFKing at the contest a bunch today if anyone needs help

Looking forwards to this. Not sure I’ll get time to participate but I’ll try get over to do a small one at some point!
When’s it end?

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Early July (realistically mid to late July since I’m sure there will be last minute additions) :slight_smile:

@Leahlemoncakes can you tweet this?


I’ll send one out tomorrow :slightly_smiling_face:

Awesome, I’ll start thinking of an idea :smiley:

Hopefully we’ll see some boundless pixelart :blush:

I added some 1x2 and 1x3 portals if anyone wants to connect to the contest directly. Happy to build larger custom portals.

i’m not very good at pixelart but i might as well try to do a wolf :slight_smile:


Protection is on, can’t plot near the road, Is this intended? Like it should be some space left from the road?

Also, I have a 17x13 one in mind, would that be ok? Or am I taking to much space? Need to know before I start crafting the blocks :slight_smile:

Might have a go at this, would give me something extra to do and perhaps see how i do with pixelart as i’ve always wanted to try


So i can make big poop? My dream come true

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Yep protection is on for now just to remind people to leave space between their art and the road, so that it’s reasonably viewable. I’ll permission people later if they want to build little plazas up to the road

Sure I’m fine with 17x13 just remember it might not be viewable on PS4 due to render distance.

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Is there any restrictions on layers and used blocks?

Nope! Have fun and be creative!


:open_mouth: what on earth did i just watch !!! :joy::joy:


Got my colour palette ready, you don’t mind if i do 10 wide x 14 high for my pixel art?

Boarder shows size so is this alright? lol

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Did a test, and it seems on my pc it cut off at 200m from the top, and re-rendered at 168m from the top.


Close up to how it should look:

Can anybody on a PS test this? PC would also help, as I am on Mac.

In case this is to big, I will just rethink my design :slight_smile:

At night it seems to be the same distances.

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Yup sounds good

Also PSA there’s a convenient cool blue gleam farm right at the contest site, you guys can see it in Dr’s screenie

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Where is your test?