Pixelart contest ends Monday! Remember it’s just for fun - and all participants will get 50k!

Bonjour, J’aimerais bien participer, mais j’ai quelques questions :
Est ce qu’on doit mettre sa propre balises avec ses propre lopins ou est ce qu’on doit louer un endroit ? (si on n’a pas assez de lopins pour participer, comment faire?)
Est-ce qu’il faut s’inscrire quelque part ou est ce qu’on va juste sur la planète et on commence son pixelart ?
Y a t il une taille maximum ?
Doit-on le faire debout ou coucher ?
J’aimerais faire du Disney mais je ne connais personne sur le jeu (à part mon copain qui ne participera pas) est ce que je peux avoir des infos sur un groupe qui en ferait aussi, afin, de me mettre tout pres ?
Merci :slight_smile:

I’m thinking this too, I may have to give this one a go… part of me really wants to create a big Sean Murray, as the NMS base eats that stuff up and might catch some of their attentions if I spread it around. :laughing: But I’ll hold off on that lol, see if anything else inspires me here, maybe something Animal Crossing related perhaps, or something else NMS themed.


Right behind the portal at Pixel Art. Check the screens, you have coords and everything.

J’ai traduit ton commentaire. J’espère que ça t’aidera à avoir des réponses :slight_smile:

Hello, I would like to participate, but I have some questions :
Do we have to place our own beacon with our own plots or do we need permissions ? (If we don’t have enough plots, how do we participate ?)
Is there inscriptions or do we come on the planet and just start the pixel art ?
Is there a maximum size ?
Do we have to do it vertically or horizontally ?
I would like to do some Disney, but I don’t know anyone in game (exception of my boyfriend who won’t participate). Can I have informations on a group that will do their PixelArt on the same theme so I can go near them ?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Edit : De ce que j’ai vu jusqu’à maintenant, pour répondre à certaines de tes questions, les pixel art se font habituellement en position verticale, donc debout. Et DK semble ne pas donner une taille maximale pour favoriser la créativité. Il demande simplement une considération envers les joueurs de PS4 qui ont des graphiques moins optimisés.Si l’oeuvre est trop énorme, ces joueurs risquent de ne pas bien voir le haut de la structure. Voilà ! Bonne chance :slight_smile:

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Merci beaucoup pour la traduction et pour les quelques réponses. je vais aller voir maintenant sur la planete pour voir ce qu’il en est pour l’instant :stuck_out_tongue: (je suis sur PS4 aussi :slight_smile: )

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We need an events category on the forum

Hmm…the twitter link isn’t showing up correctly…

DK Puncherello has set up a new Pixel Art contest over on Kada I for the whole of June!

For your chance to win over 1, Million Coin head here to register - https://t.co/LWayd4o2Qa

Portals to the contest area can be found in the TNT Mega Hub & at the DK Mall Portal Hub! pic.twitter.com/PXpiClgOV9

— Boundless (@playboundless) June 5, 2020

No maximum size :blush: and any kind of art is allowed and encouraged!

You can plot with your own plots, but if you don’t have enough plots and want to participate I’m happy to help :blush:

I think we need french category first whats up with this french here

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Looks fine to me, and the smiley is visible on PS4

I’ll meet up w you later to perm you if you wanna clear that hill between you and the road

nous avons besoin d’une catégorie finlandaise où nous pouvons laisser buugi hahaha

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Je suis avec toi pour ça, c’est pas une méchante idée.

Ok let’s stay on topic please yall


Added 500k to the prize pool, thanks @Nexton!

@drcyanide I would maybe start the bottom of your art a plot or two lower, just so the top of it won’t be as perspective-skewed (just an idea though)

Thanks for the idea but i’ll be keeping it this way :stuck_out_tongue:

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Seriously thinking about entering…but it would be all original…for some reason I started drawing up something the other day that’s more 2d than expected, with nowhere really to put it…that would be ok, yes? Original, not Nintendo or Disney or even Boundless or anything else already known??

Sure :blush: all art allowed

So far no video game stuff anyway, which surprised me!

Added 500k from @AeneaGames
Added 500k from @Envyv77


i have an idea in mind, i might have to start building tommorow

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Lol taking a break to eat some food :stuck_out_tongue:

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Get back to work slave!

Me Thought Bout it but me only know ma dash Pfft Pfft pfft