Placed campfires and cant open the reclaims

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dropped campfires with a chest next to each one. filled the chest and moved on until i was full again then dropped another campfire and filled a chest next to it. i did this 24 times and I can see only 8 reclaims. However, cant open any of the 8 because it says I can only do one at a time. i havent done any yet…where is the first one i can do? why do i only see 8 of them? remember i dropped 24 campfires with a chest next to it

Thanks for any help i can get

actually cleared the 8 but im not sure the others of the 24 i dropped are going to appear…waiting.

still waiting. i dont think the others are coming…are they?

You have to wait at least 2 hours for them to expire. If you’ve viewed/opened any reclaim (beacon or campfire) anywhere, you’ll have to locate that reclaim and finish emptying it before you can access the others.

Sometimes you have to visit every single beacon you have, until you locate the open reclaim. Even ones that might be on an expired/locked Sovereign.


Yeah (I thought they burn for 4hours but that is from memory land :wink:) campfires have to expire first before you can reclaim them.


did you know that 9? was it 9, not sure

that a active reclaim bag icon is different than a non active reclaim bag?

active reclaim --> image

non active reclaim --> image

the beacon that has the reclaim active will have that icon image shown next to it.

the beacon can be found in locations --> beacons
then interact with that current beacon, and the location will be shown :slight_smile:
then go to that planet, and set its destination


been a while a played but don’t you see the remaining expired campfire in the beacon tabs ? They should be there unless you had already pass the maximum 255 beacons/campfire that can appear on those list.

plus even after the reclaim the expired campfire beacon listing will still show till you remove it.