Planet Donkey

Planet Donkey is available to travel to. Players are free to gather resources, mine, etc. However they’re unable to plot at this time. The planet is in orbit around Cardass.

There’s a Night Azure gleam farm on the planet which you can travel to through a portal in the North West corner of the TNT Cardass hub. It’s a big ball of gleam, like those found on Serp.


Will have to check this out after work.


Gonna get some of that gleam soon! Much Appreciated :grin:

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your planet is named donkey and you are not @Buugi crazy
thx for invite will have a looksie

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My guild is Yeehaw Little Donkey. :smile:


What was the portal cost and size to your world?

I’m at the farm now. It’s a 1x2 to cardass

Is there a list anywhere of the new planets?

The TNT discord has a command which lists all the planets.

There’s now a Sapphire mine on Planet Donkey. Portal to the planet found via TNT Cardass Hub, and there’s a portal to the mine to the right in there.

New Topaz mine opened. Portal found through the TNT Cardass hub.