Planet refuel code not given

My friend @MrsStar was buying her planet fuel she Received a text but the code wasnt in there also she didnt receive a email and she also tryed getting in touch with boundless support and explain the Situation so any help would be Appreciated thanks

Ps boundless forever

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I know you said she did this already, but the only way to resolve this issue is to send the info to . Ask her to please check her spam folder & her promotions folders. Sometimes things end up in odd places.

I have sent a message and still waiting. Been over 24 hours and yes I checked spam. This is all I will say.

from what I know is that some banks/credit card companies and I think PayPal too.
that they have a certain first-time purchase protection. however, if that’s not the case ignore it xD

did you check your spam folder?

just teasing here. :stuck_out_tongue:

don’t expect much support from the devs on the forums, the support tag changed to community support so this is actually just asking the community for help. as Majorvex said an email is the best way, however not always the fastest way, waiting times can vary up to 5 days.

that being said, if you need fuel fast i can give you a code until you got yours

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Ok thank you

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